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Zombie Survival Kit Gift

How's this for different, a Zombie Survival Kit gift! This free printable is easy to glue onto any box to make it the ultimate care package. What goes into the kit is up to you!

So why a kit to fight Zombies? It is the ultimate way of telling someone that you care for them and what them to survive any situation! Great for anyone who loves Zombie movies and Zombies in general!

So what do you put inside the kit?Well anything that you want to!

Maybe some Emergency Chocolate Bars or a some other snack that they love, a bottle of booze that can be medicinal as well, or how about something more practical, like a hunting knife.

The great thing about a gift like this is that you can give them almost anything as long as there is an explanation for it.

Printing The Zombie Survival Kit Gift

The text of the printable reads: Zombie Survival Kit CAUTION use only in the event of the apocalyptic undead uprising. Disclaimer - contents of this kit will not guarantee survival against the undead.

I made this in two sizes, large is about 10 1/2 by 8 inches and the medium is about  5 3/4 by 8 1/4 inches. 

Print off the size of PDF you need and trim to size.  

(More Style Than Cash will not appear on your printable.)

I used a glue stick to attach it to a plain brown box that I had.  (If you don't have a glue stick don't use too much glue as it can make the paper wrinkle. Just use it sparingly on the edges.)

If you don't have any boxes to use at home then buy one at either an office supply store or party store.

Medium Zombie survival kit.pdf

Large Zombie survival kit.pdf

This is a quick, easy and fun gift to put together. Great for Dad on Father's Day, (Mom on Mother's Day if she is a fan of the Zombie apocalyps) any teenager who has a sense of humor and it could be a really interesting gift to give to a co-worker!

For anyone who participates in a Zombie Walk this could be a great gift to give to their support team or anyone else involved with the Zombie Walk but not actually participating.

The Zombie Survival Kit Gift... good for all occasions.

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