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YouTube Channels That Talk About Painting

Besides art museums, painting YouTubers can give you a lot of advice on how to paint without paying for classes. These channels are usually run by artists and upload free tutorials and tips on how to paint. Some may monetize their content, but most are free and want to democratize the art world. If you’re interested in learning more about painting, check out these YouTube channels:

Andrew Tischler

Andrew Tischler is a professional artist born in New Zealand and has been painting professionally for over 17 years. He paints a wide range of subjects in a realistic style and tries to capture an impression of reality in his works. He studied under some of the greatest masters of the past and has a deep love of painting and teaching. You can learn about his process and his art from his YouTube channel.

Another YouTube channel featuring Andrew Tischler’s paintings is Art by Andrew Tischler. It’s an excellent place to learn about oil painting techniques, color mixing, etc. His videos cover everything from painting a mountain to how to paint clear water. Some of his videos even talk about painting the country landscape. While his paintings are highly advanced, his approach to teaching is down-to-earth and provides both basic information and inspiration for even the most experienced artist.

Another excellent source for painting tips is Michael Ryan’s YouTube channel. This artist, who is an expert in the field of art, talks about painting techniques, composition, and the artist’s life. Some of his videos are long and detailed, but they are still very informative. You can learn about the latest digital drawing devices and how to use them while sketching on location. He also offers advice on illustrating complex architecture.

James Gurney

If you are interested in learning how to paint a portrait, you may be interested in the artist’s YouTube channel. His videos are about painting with casein and can range in length from 14 seconds to ten minutes. In addition to these longer videos, Gurney also offers numerous shorter ones, such as a series of tips for painting with gouache. The videos are also great for beginners because they include the names of the colors he uses and the steps he takes to complete them.

James Gurney is a famous illustrator and Plein-air painter and an author of the illustrated book series Dinotopia. You can learn from his tutorials about using oil, watercolor, and gouache to create original artwork. You can also learn how to paint in the style of Gurney’s illustrations by following his YouTube channel and reading his posts. His passion for painting on location inspires you, and you’ll have the opportunity to see some of his sketching adventures.

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Lisa Ann Watkins

If you’re interested in painting, you’ll want to check out some YouTube channels dedicated to art. You’ll find videos from artists like Stuart Davies and Andrew Tischler. Each offers a different perspective on painting, from different scenarios to digital drawing devices. You can also learn to prepare for painting events and pack a field pack when sketching on location. You can find all of these channels by searching for ‘art’ on YouTube.

If you’re new to art, plenty of channels can help you improve your skills and learn more about the art world. Coco Bee, a Toronto-based psychologist, has a YouTube channel full of videos related to art and painting. She shares tips on how to paint with ink bleeds and other techniques. Other videos are centered around classic works of art and how to improve the quality of your work.

If you’re looking for an artistic way to learn painting without spending thousands of dollars on classes, painting YouTubers are a great place to start. Many of these channels are run by talented creators who share tips and tutorials for free. Some of these channels are for-profit, but many aim to democratize the art world. There are also lots of free painting YouTube channels on the web. Check them out and get inspired!

Emmy Kalia

Self-taught Dutch pen artist Emmy Kalia has a YouTube station full of tutorials and time-lapse movies that explain her art. While the results might look intimidating, the artist describes her process so that even a novice can understand. Here’s a sampling of some of her videos:

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The most popular videos on this channel cover how to draw with colored pencils and charcoal. There’s also a list of materials needed for each video, and she earns through affiliate links from Amazon. If you’re interested in learning how to paint, this channel could be perfect. You will get an introduction to art, but you’ll also get access to her other media about painting.

Stuart Davies

Artists like Stuart Davies have a unique style that makes their art very recognizable. These artists use simple, everyday tools while maintaining a professional level. You can also learn more about Stuart Davies’ work and painting techniques by watching his YouTube channels. For example, he talks about how to paint the illusion of detail while using simple, everyday items, such as a piece of plywood and a house painter’s brush.

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Artist Michael Ryan has several different YouTube channels that cover the process of painting, from sketching to creating a portrait. His videos cover a range of subjects, including landscapes and portraits, composition, and the life of an artist. His channel also features tips on digital drawing devices and how to set up field packs while sketching on location. This is an excellent resource for artists of all levels. There is an artist for everyone on this list!

Aside from his YouTube channel, Davies is also a writer and podcast host. His podcast reviews various types of music, and he also hosts a podcast about technology. His videos about cars are viral. He has also become an Internet personality in Australia, and his YouTube channel, The Needle Drop, is one of the most popular in the country. Another famous YouTuber is Matt Whitman, a friend and co-editor of the We Are the World 25 for Haiti.

Lachri Fine Art

The Lachri Fine Art YouTube channel has more than 23,000 subscribers. The track has over 20 videos, and the most popular ones receive over 2.3 million views. The net worth of the channel is estimated to be about $10,000, based on the number of views. To make a YouTube video, follow the steps below. Click on each link to view the video. This article will provide an overview of how Lachri Fine Art makes money on YouTube.

The first step to achieving success as an artist is to find a mentor. Many talented artists are willing to share their knowledge with beginners for a small fee. The artist may also charge for domain and hosting costs. In exchange, the artist may also charge for materials, such as paint, but the value of their knowledge cannot be disputed. Lisa Clough, aka Lachri Fine Art, started her YouTube Vlog in 2011.

Another great place to learn about the art world is the Tate YouTube channel. They upload new films about art every week. Mary Doodles is another excellent place to learn about art and culture. The track also provides free art tutorials and advice. These are excellent sources of information if you’re interested in learning more about painting. You can also learn more about art through art tutorials and how to improve your skills in painting with acrylics.

Draw with Jazza

You’ve probably heard of the YouTube channel Draw with Jazza, but have you ever watched his videos? The real name of the YouTube personality is Josiah Brooks, and he is a famous artist and television presenter. Viewers widely liked his art tutorials, challenges, and animations, and he has more than two million subscribers. The first thing you’ll notice about Draw with Jazza is his likability.

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The first thing you’ll notice about his videos is that they’re entertaining and full of quality content. The graphics are superb, and the storyline is incredibly well-done. As an artist, Jazza has become a massive star on YouTube, and his videos are consistently rated among the best. In August of 2019, he shortened his channel name to “Jazza” to reflect this change in direction. He’s also branching out into other creative disciplines.

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His videos are filled with fun art ideas and entertaining tutorials. You’ll get to draw a no-neck chum! The personality of Jazza is always upbeat, but she does have her down moments when she’s having a mental breakdown or something happened to Mini Jazza, such as accidentally chopping off her head. His most hilarious videos show him blubbering in her subscriber milestone videos and laughing heartily at himself.

As a beginner, you’re looking for the best learning materials. YouTube is full of resources for all levels of skill. Though books are handy, free content is always preferable. Choose a channel that offers enough free content to get started and premium content to keep you practicing and growing. While free content is the best way to learn, premium content is recommended for severe artists. Here are some examples of good concept art YouTube channels.

Blaise’s YouTube channel

If you’re looking for some great tutorials on concept art, you should check out this channel! This YouTube channel has been around for over two years and is packed with free content for artists. It includes short video lessons and tutorials that will teach you everything you need to know about making concept art. You can also learn from the artist’s own YouTube channel!

Aaron Blaise is an animation feature film director who has worked for Disney for over two decades. His credits include a nomination for Best Animated Feature Film for 2003’s Brother Bear. Since then, he’s pursued his interests, including teaching. His YouTube channel is filled with tutorials on various subjects, including concept art, character design, and animation.

The Futur is a popular YouTube channel that provides tips on freelance design. It also features a podcast where members discuss customer acquisition, personal branding, and running a profitable company. Evan Abrams is a self-taught digital artist from Australia who creates high-quality YouTube videos on motion graphics and visual effects production. In particular, you can learn how to use the fantastic TVPaint program for fast painting.

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Another great YouTube channel to learn concept art is Schoolism. It’s a community-based website featuring tutorials and classes from many artists. There are classes and tutorials for 3D, 2D, and animation. Bobby Chiu focuses on creature design and shares his thoughts and philosophies. Moreover, you can also check out his talks and interviews with famous artists.

Super Easy Drawings

If you’re looking for videos on how to draw, Super Easy Drawings on YouTube is the place to start. You’ll find everything from quick doodles to detailed technical tutorials with various topics and playlists. While some of the content is generic, other channels cover issues specific to the medium, such as color theory or perspective. Although this is a great place to start, it’s not the only place to turn for drawing tips.

Super Easy Drawings is an online channel that uploads step-by-step drawing tutorials every week. These tutorials are great for beginners because they’re easy to follow and don’t require unique supplies. Regular markers will do just fine. Unlike other YouTube channels, Super Easy Drawings doesn’t have a website or shop, but you can browse through their beautiful art on Pinterest. In addition, there’s a great community of followers so that you won’t be disappointed.

Whether you’re new to the world of art or a complete beginner, there’s a YouTube channel. These channels cover everything from the fundamentals of drawing to unique art styles. While the purpose of these channels is to teach you how to draw, they’re not a replacement for formal art school. In addition, you’ll be able to find free art lessons online. Just keep your expectations realistic and don’t expect to be perfect.

Anime fans will enjoy Shinigami Arts’ YouTube channel for tutorials on drawing anime characters. The artist behind the track has drawn cartoon characters from many different genres. The videos are educational and fun. They cover anatomy, proportions, and shading. In addition, you’ll learn how to draw anime characters and use different tools and techniques. These resources will help you draw anime characters with ease. If you’re not ready to jump into the art scene, this YouTube channel is worth checking out.

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Bobby’s YouTube channel

Bobby’s YouTube channel has a lot to offer, including inspirational, generic, and detailed tutorials. It is a good resource for beginners and seasoned artists and offers interviews with professional artists who share their knowledge and expertise. The channel updates frequently – he has been posting one new video a week for the past several months – which provides a constant stream of content. While it may not be as comprehensive as other creators’ courses, it consistently gives a good dose of content.

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The videos are short but packed with valuable tips and tricks. They are geared toward people who have little or no experience but still want to improve their skills. Most of them include interviews with professional artists and several tutorials on advanced topics. You can even learn about advanced techniques in these tutorials. And don’t forget about the YouTube community! There are hundreds of other artists who have created excellent tutorials.

Another excellent option for learning concept art is Bobby Chiu. His videos are well-produced, and Bobby explains many important thoughts that helped him throughout his career. And the videos look professional because he uses high-end equipment. While Bobby’s videos target beginner artists, they often become viral sensations on YouTube. Sycra is the next-biggest YouTube art channel, so check out both.

The creator of the YouTube channel is a Singaporean artist. His YouTube channel is packed with free content. He has his Concept Art and Design Art School and regularly posts quality tutorials. Feng also creates video blogs about his life as a professional artist. So if you’re looking to learn concept art, it’s worth checking out his channel! There’s a wide variety of content available.


If you want to learn more about history and concept art, Smarthistory is an excellent resource. The YouTube channel is divided into different art history periods, with videos explaining the various conditions that have shaped the way our favorite artworks are created. Additionally, it features one-off videos about a particular topic. Smarthistory claims to be the most famous art history resource on the internet.

In addition to being informative, the channel also has a community where viewers can discuss their art creations and chat with other fans. One of the best art YouTube channels is Smarthistory, created by the Khan Academy. Many of its videos are bite-sized and provide a lot of background on essential pieces of art in the past. Smarthistory also has a series of video essays focusing on art history and museum topics.

Another popular channel for learning concept art is Khan Academy. This nonprofit organization has videos on various topics, and its content has reached 200 million viewers since its inception. Salman Khan, the creator of Khan Academy, began the series by sharing his videos and later added Vi Hart to its faculty. Vi Hart is best known for her Smarthistory website and podcasts, and her videos have inspired many fans of the site.

The Tate YouTube channel is another popular option. It has regular films on art history and culture, and you can even ask questions in the chatbox. In addition to art tutorials, Smarthistory has several other art resources on its channel. Smarthistory has a weekly movie on art history and culture. Smarthistory is another excellent option for learning concept art. With such a diverse selection of videos, it is impossible to become an expert on art without the help of a professional.

Louie Del Carmen

If you’re interested in learning to paint characters and concepts, you might want to watch some videos by Dinotopia’s creator, Louie Del Carmen. She’s been working professionally as a concept artist for over a decade and shares tips and tricks for painting dinosaurs and other creatures. Her videos cover everything from painting fundamentals to how to use various tools. Her channel is also a great place to learn about color and design.

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