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XOXO Valentine Printable

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Simple doesn't mean boring. This XOXO Valentine Printable has a nice graphic feel to it. I designed it in both red and black because I planned to pair it with some more subversive Valentine's gifts where black would be more appropriate (now don't you wonder what that could be...).

So why do X's and O's mean hugs and kisses? There are different ideas of how this came about but the most common thought is that in the middle ages a letter would be signed with the cross and then kissed to symbolize faith, honesty and sincerity. The one thing that is agreed on now is that X's and O's are a easily recognized symbols of affection.

XOXO Valentine Printable Options

The card when folded is 3-7/8" by 3-7/8".  Chose which version of the card you would like, the red or black and print off on card stock.

You could, in a pinch use regular paper but using the card stock will give you a nicer card.


Print Black XOXO PDF

Using a bone folder (or a dull knife or anything that won't slice through the paper) score down the middle dotted line.

Fold the card in half along this dotted line and cutting just on the inside of the dashed lines cut out the card. 

You don't want to cut exactly on the dotted lines as your finished card would have the print of the dashes on it instead of a nice clean edge.

I find if I fold the card first before cutting it out it gets cut more evenly. If you cut first and then fold sometimes the front and the back of the card doesn't align.

Since this is such a small card you could use is as a gift tag by punching a hole in the corner and pulling thread or ribbon through it to attach it to your gift. 

You could always sign in on the inside with a lipstick kiss by using a bright color of lipstick and puckering up but if you decide to do this then practice on a piece of paper first. I found that by bending the paper and kissing it I get a better image of my lips.

XOXO Valentine Printable is a great little card to celebrate the day.

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