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XOXO Valentine Printable

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XOXO Printable

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Simple doesn’t mean boring. This XOXO Printable has a great graphic feel to it. I developed it in both red as well as black because I planned to combine it with some more subversive ’s gifts where black would be better suited (now put on’t you wonder what that can be & hellip;-RRB-.

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why do X’s and O s mean hugs as well as kisses? There are various ideas of how this happened but the most typical idea is that between ages a letter would be authorized with the cross and after that kissed to represent faith, honesty and also genuineness. The one thing that is settled on now is that X’s and also O s are an easily recognized icons of affection.

Hershey’s Kisses, Milk Delicious Chocolate, 25-Pound XOXO Printable


The card when folded is 3-7/8″ & Prime; by 3-7/8 & Prime;. Chose which version of the card you would like, the red or black and print off on card supply.

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You could, in a pinch usage normal paper however using the card stock will offer you a better card.

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Using a bone folder (or a dull blade or anything that won’t slice via the paper) rack up down the middle populated line.

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Fold the card in fifty percent along this dotted line as well as reducing simply on the within the dashed lines reduced out the card.

You wear’t intend to cut exactly on the dotted lines as your completed card would have the print of the dashes on it rather than a good clean edge.

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I find if I fold up the card first before cutting it out it gets reduced more uniformly. If you cut very first and afterwards fold sometimes the front and also the back of the card doesn’t align.

Because this is such a tiny card you could utilize is as a gift tag by punching an opening in the corner and also pulling thread or ribbon through it to connect it to your gift.

You can always sign in on the within with a lipstick kiss by using a bright shade of lipstick and also kissing however if you determine to do this after that method on a piece of paper initially. I discovered that by bending the paper and also kissing it I obtain a far better image of my lips.

XOXO Printable is a terrific little card to commemorate the day.

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