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Writing With Chocolate

Writing with Chocolate just seems to be the perfect way to truly impress someone. Imagine on a romantic occasion or Valentine's presenting your guest(s) with the word Love on their plates. Chocolate and romance, two things that just naturally go together.

Learn how to write the word Love in Chocolate to impress your sweetie.

You can use this to garnish a breakfast plate, lunch, dinner or dessert plate.

You could also use it to garnish a bowl of strawberries (or Chocolate Covered Strawberries.)This is a simple garnish that that has a real wow factor.

Writing With Chocolate Tutorial

Print off this

Love J'adore.pdf

or make your own printable the size that you want.  Cut a piece of cardboard or cereal board the same size as the paper and place behind the pdf to give it stability.

Cover this with plastic wrap and tape to the back. Make sure that there are no wrinkles over the letters.

Using a pastry bag fitted with a size 7 tip slowly write over the word. 

You will be holding the tip above the word ( I chose Love )and letting a stream of chocolate fall down on the letters.

Make sure that the letters are joined together by the chocolate so it will hold together when finished. (If you are doing the word J'adore just join the J and a together)

Place the completed word on the cardboard into the freezer for 10 minutes to set hard. 

When you are sure the chocolate is hard carefully flip it over on a piece of wax paper. 

Remove the cardboard and paper and gently pull back the plastic from the word.

At this point you can either flip the word over onto another piece of wax paper and store it in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it or you can place it on the plate or fruit as a garnish.

Of course you can write out what ever you want, you could have a dessert with each persons name written in chocolate on the plate.

If you were to be really adventurous you could even write out a line of poetry.

Writing with chocolate is an easy way to really take your desserts to the next level and wow them at Valentine's or any time of the year. 

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