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Wrap a Gift Professionally

And Make It Look Expensive

how to wrap a gift like a professional

When you wrap a gift professionally it can make the receivers pulse race in anticipation. There is a sense of drama when you receive a gift that has been beautifully wrapped. Beautifully presented gifts that are  done with care adds to the moment. 

Professionals have their secrets and they don't like to share, but I'll tell you how you can wrap a gift professionally. (Working for a full service florist shop I often had to wrap up gifts for our customers as part of our service, and our costumers expected the best.)

Where to Start

To make a gift look great on the outside you have to figure out somethings that are going on in the inside. Do you have a box for your gift? The box that your gift comes in is just as important as the wrapping and the gift itself when you are trying to make it look professional.

I always keep on hand a variety of white gift wrap boxes with lids in various sizes.

These are the plain (usually white) boxes that fancy shops use, often adding a sticker with their shop's name on to it. They come in many sizes so make sure that you know the dimensions of your gift and that the box will be high enough as well as wide and deep enough. You don't want your gift causing bumps in the box.

To wrap a gift professionally you are going to need tissue paper and while plain white tissue paper is very versatile you can go for a real WOW factor if you use a bold color like turquoise, black or red.

Here I use a pretty blush light pink tissue paper .
how to use tissue paper when wrapping a gift

Start with folding a piece of tissue paper the same width as the box and placing on the bottom so the tissue paper lays over the sides of the box.

This piece of tissue should be long enough to fold over itself on the top. If the box is very wide then use two pieces of tissue.

To make a cushion on the bottom of the box take two pieces of tissue and lightly crumple them so it fits on the bottom of the box.

Fold another piece of tissue into a square and cover the cushion tucking the sides under neath neatly.

Place your gift into the middle of the tissue cushion.

If the gift is very fragile you could put  another layer of folded tissue on top.

Bring one side of the paper tissue up and over the gift. Fold the end of the tissue paper on the other side back about 2 or 3 inches so when you bring that up over the gift there will be a nice folded edge. 

Using a gold stickers place it on the edge of the tissue to adhere the two side pieces.Stickers, like gold seals or round dots are needed to seal the top of the tissue paper. You could skip this but if you really want to wrap a gift professionally it's these touches that add a lot to the presentation.

If the box gapes open when you close it you can also add a seal there instead of using scotch tape.

You need to measure out how much wrapping paper you need and I have always found it more convenient to just use a piece of string to get the rough measurement.

Wrap a Gift Professionally

A tip from the Pros

When you wrap a gift professionally  use solid colored wrapping paper as you can get a lot of mileage from it.  Printed wrapping paper is fun and can be quite amusing but if you are going for a wow factor then a plain color or a color with just a subtle design on it is the way to go. With wrapping paper if it is very thin and cheap then any crease or wrinkle will show the white of the paper underneath so make sure the paper is of a decent weight and quality.

Gently turn your gift upside down and place in the center of your wrapping paper with the good side of the paper down on the table. Pull one side of the wrapping paper over the gift and pull it snug, then tape the middle to the box. 

Fold over about 1/2 inch of the wrapping paper on the other side to make a clean edge and then pull this side snugly over the gift and tape it over the center to hide the edge of the first paper.

How to wrap a gift professionally

On the side of the gift push the paper over the side and crease it against the box. If the wrapping paper is longer than the side of the box then trim it or you will get a messy finish.

Push in the sides and crease them. Add a small piece of scotch tape to keep it all flat to the box.

Fold up the last side and crease the edge to the box. (If this side is not cut straight then fold it over 1/4 of an inch to make a straight edge.) If you have double sided tape this gives the fold a nice finish.

I will use glue stick to glue down the fold so I know that there will be no gaps.

How to Add a Ribbon and Bow

While beautiful 1-1/2" wide poly/satin ribbon has a gorgeous sheen and texture to it (shown above) I often end up using poly satin waterproof ribbon 2.75" wide shown below, because it comes in many colors, it is wide and when made into a bow it stands up beautifully but it wrinkles and creases very easily. It would be best to start with a nice satin ribbon that you can iron out if you over-crease it or make mistakes.

Place your gift right side up and slip a long length of ribbon underneath it. If you are not sure how long the ribbon should be use a piece of string to measure.

Pull equal lengths of the ribbon across each other and pull snug. (You will be bringing the ends of the ribbon to the underside of the gift.)

You want to crease the ribbon in the center.

On the back of the box make sure that you neatly tape the ribbon down on top of itself.

To make the bow you will be using the same ribbon and some curling ribbon of the same color and a pair of scissors

Make a tail of the ribbon about 4 inches long and pinch the ribbon.

On the other side make a loop using about 8 inches of ribbon, you want it to be big enough to look lush but not so big that it will flop over. Pinch the ribbon in the middle.

Make a matching loop on the other side and again pinch the ribbon in the middle.

Add a third loop on the first side, pinch the ribbon.

Add a fourth loop on the other side and again pinch the ribbon.

You will continue adding loops, a 5th and 6ths.

And a 7th and 8th loop. The bow will probably look a little wild at this point but don't worry about it.

Take your curling ribbon and wrap it around the pinched portion of the bow.

You are going to make a very tight knot. This will help make the bow look full.

Now you will pull the loops around so that they look fluffy. You can also cut the ends of the ribbon on an angle.

Using the curling ribbon tie the bow onto the package!

The last thing you need to do is slip a card under the bow. I have been given the compliment when handing someone their gift that they did not want to unwrap it right away but wanted to enjoy looking at it for a while.

Below is a gift that I was asked to wrap as part of a raffle that was happening in a school music department.  The bow had wired edges which made it easier to fluff it. I added a treble clef ornament to it along with two gold leaves under the bow. 

Another gift wrapped using polka dot paper and a blue bow.

When you give someone a beautifully wrapped gift you are giving them two joys. The joy of receiving a gift and the joy of unwrapping something so lovely. Learning wrap a gift professionally is very simple!

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