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Wine Glass Lamp DIY

A wine glass lamp diy is perfect for when you want a bit of ambient light or if you need some light to direct people or stop them from bumping into things.

I designed these little Wine Glass Lamps because there have been many times where I need a temporary light that I wanted to look pretty. 

If I am hosting a party I don't want long hallways or unused rooms to be dark so placing these little lamps about gives the right amount of light.

Wine Glass Lamps are also useful if you are hosting a party outside but want light to show the way to the powder room or kitchen. They look stunning on a dinner table on a summer's night adding some romance and mystery.

They are based on the idea of making wine glasses into candles but these wine glass lamp diy can be placed out unattended without the fear of fire since they use either electric lights or flameless candles.

Wine Glass Lamp DIY - Shade PDF

The construction of these little lights could not be easier! Simply print off a copy of the 

Wine Glass Lampshade Template.pdf

You can use any type of paper for this.  I prefer to use just plain paper if I am using an electric candle or white card stock if I am using a plug in bulb (since it is a stronger light) as I like the fresh look.

Cut the template out and use it as a pattern for your paper or if your paper is printer friendly print it out. Cut it and tape the lampshade on the side overlapping about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch making sure that the top and bottom match. 

To light up the wine glass lamp you can either use a cord with single light bulb (these are the types of single lights that are used to light up Christmas Villages and plastic pumpkins.) Or if you don't have access to an electrical outlet you can use flameless LED tea lights

The corded light bulb comes with a clip but I don't use the clip but just dangle the light inside the wine glass and pull the electric cord against the outside of the glass to the stem where I attach it to the stem with a piece of white twist tie.

Pop the light shade on and plug it in where you need it. Since I used a crystal glass the cut of the crystal shines through to the plain white paper to give it a lovely design.

If you are using the LED tea lights it's even easier!

Just place one or two into the wine glass and...

Pop the shade on!

You can make as many of these are you need and when you are finished with them they are easy to dismantle and won't take up much space at all!

If you are finding that the shades are slipping and not staying straight on the glass due to wind then run a line of glue from a glue stick around the top of the rim and place the shade on. The shade will tear when you remove it but if you have made it from plain paper you can put it in your paper recycling. Washing the glass normally will remove any of the glue residue.

This charming little Wine Glass Lamps diy is handy to have about and can be made up in an instant!