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Who is the Best YouTuber to Help Me Draw Anime?

The best YouTubers for drawing anime are those who focus on the subject. You can also look for tutorials by other YouTubers whose works you admire. The following are some of the best YouTube channels for drawing anime: Art with Lizard, Bobby, Shinigami Arts, and Naoki Urasawa. But which one is the best? And which one is the easiest to learn from?

Art with Lizard

For students to make their lizards, the first step is to cut a large sheet of construction paper in half. Cut a triangle out of each piece for the body. Cut different colors for each triangle. Pre-folding the lizards will make the work easier for students, but some third graders may not be able to do this. Leave the extra paper on one end to stick on the head later.

The “2 Lizards” videos have been rolling out on Instagram for weeks. They depict a combination of lethargy, anxiety, and helplessness. They blend documentary structure with animation surrealism. While they remain grounded in reality, the videos are remarkably fantastical and soothe the soul. This is what makes them so appealing. In addition to displaying a whimsical style, they are also very touching.


If you’re interested in anime drawing, some videos will help you get started on the right foot. Bobby Chiu is an Emmy award-winning animator, concept artist, and illustrator who has worked for major studios like Disney, Riot, Dreamworks, Bluesky, and Sony Imageworks. Bobby specializes in creature design and shares his experiences and philosophies with his audience. His videos are also free to watch, so you’re not committing to paying for any of his videos.

Naoki Urasawa

Naoki Urasawa, a YouTube channel dedicated to anime drawing, has begun streaming his videos. His first video was published on April 30, 2021, the day before releasing the fifth volume of the manga Asadora! Closed captions in English accompany Urasawa’s videos. In his latest video, he shows how to draw lines with a ruler. He explains how to draw motion lines and some essential tips and techniques.

Urasawa began drawing manga when he was just four years old. He first started by creating one-shot works before being discovered by an editor. He was a fan of Osamu Tezuka and was awarded a cultural prize in honor of his career. His bestselling work, Monster, explores mystery, crime, and nihilistic themes. He is also known for drawing enormous noses in the anime industry.

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The manga series starts in 2020 when an unknown monster terrorizes Tokyo and leaves it in ruins. During the year 2020, people will be in a state of panic. Then the manga jumps to 1959. He continues to draw the characters in the series even though the anime adaptations have lost many of the details from the manga. It is a fantastic story, and it’s easy to see why Urasawa is a favorite of fans worldwide.

Shinigami Arts

If you’re interested in how to draw anime characters, then you’ve probably heard about Shinigami Arts on YouTube. This Bangladeshi-American YouTuber makes tutorials for drawing anime characters and touts himself as an excellent artist. However, he recently stole some of the art of Sasucchi95. In response to Sasucchi95’s callout, Shinigami Arts called him petty, jealous and boasted.

This YouTube channel features a large selection of anime character drawings. Artists take the time to explain everything from facial proportions to chin shapes and how to color the characters. Anime fans will be able to pick out the most suitable art styles to express their tastes and express themselves in their way. The content of these videos is both educational and entertaining, and you’ll find many new tips and tricks to draw your anime characters.


There are many ways to learn how to draw anime, but if you want the best tutorials, Pndrawing is the way to go. His channel features many different characters, tips, and tricks to make your drawings look more realistic. The videos are also very informative, as he includes interviews with professional artists and explains intermediate-to-advanced concepts. Pen drawing is updated regularly, and he’s been releasing at least one new video per week for the past few months. You’ll always be getting content from his channel, and you won’t have to pay for lessons.

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Anime characters are a great way to express yourself artistically, and drawing them is a fun and creative way to learn. Pndrawing’s channel boasts over 100K subscribers, and her videos offer step-by-step instructions that will help you create an authentic-looking anime drawing. Anime eyes are among the most difficult to draw, but Pndrawing’s videos show the best techniques for creating realistic-looking anime eyes.

Aside from this, Pndrawing also offers tutorials on drawing manga. Despite being a UK-based manga creator, Mohammad is a master of Japanese anime and manga aesthetics. His tutorials are an excellent resource for anyone who loves Japanese cartoons. With step-by-step tutorials, you can learn how to draw a character’s eyelids, nose, or other details.

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If you want to learn how to draw anime, YouTube is the way to go. Many of these videos include step-by-step instructions, and you can improve your drawing skills by watching these. Here are the top 10 YouTubers who can help you draw anime eyes:

Love2DrawManga – If you are new to drawing anime, this channel is great for beginners. The artist starts with a shape in each tutorial and builds shading and highlights. With this channel, you can also learn how to draw anime eyes from scratch. Rain – Another popular YouTuber who has tutorials on drawing anime eyes, this artist breaks down the process into simple steps.

Art with Lizard: Look no further than this YouTuber if you’re looking for a step-by-step tutorial on drawing anime eyes. Her video is highly engaging and informative, and she breaks down the many elements of realistic anime eyes. She covers everything from the basic shape of the eye to more complex features like eyelashes and shadows. Watch this video, and you’ll be on your way to drawing anime eyes in no time.

Many people are curious to know which software is used to make videos of their drawing sketches. Here’s a look at some of the most popular video editing programs and the best software for drawing graphics. FEED is a free online video editing software that lets you draw and upload videos from your browser. This video editing software is accessible on most desktops, mobile devices, and even Macbooks.

iColorama S

iColorama S is primarily an image editing application that can also be used to make sketches and drawings. The app offers a comprehensive selection of brushes, and the user can import them from Adobe Photoshop. These features provide users with an excellent level of versatility. Another benefit of iColorama S is the ability to export videos to YouTube and other online video platforms. With iColorama S, you can create many digital artworks and draw them in any format.

iColorama S is an excellent photo-to-drawing app. The app looks professionally made and works like a legitimate image editing suite. It also works with high-resolution photos, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality. Besides that, it has a variety of categories and tools, including the Sketch tool. Users can also adjust the intensity of the sketch by adjusting the opacity slider.

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The iColorama S can also be used to create video sketches. The video feature is available for iPhone 5S, iPad Air, and iPod Touch 6 devices:

  1. Users should choose a photo for the base of the sketchbook.
  2. They can paste this image as a second layer. After pasting the picture, they can position it to fit their desired position and size.
  3. They should use layer masks, and soft edge brushes to erase unwanted borders.
  4. They should add a solid-color layer between the two layers and make the top layer into a bright object.
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The iColorama S can also be used to create animated videos. The video editing tool VEED allows users to draw sketches on videos. An animated text can accompany the video. Users can edit borders and change the lightness value of the picture. Several other video editing tools are available, but VEED is the easiest and most popular one. The app is free to use and allows users to save sketches and videos in various formats.


One of the most common uses of Mischief is to create a video of drawing sketches. It offers a 50 trillion-to-one zoom, which means you can view a single flower on Earth from the moon. Its technology also supports an infinite canvas, which allows you to create drawings of any size. Mischief is a free art program. Its interface is simple and intuitive, and it works well with Wacom tablets and Cintiq monitors.

Another popular application is Adobe Photoshop CC. Photoshop is a popular graphics designing software and has many industry-standard tools to help you create almost anything. This software lets you make videos of drawing sketches and has a powerful paintbrush engine. You can even make videos of your drawings using Mischief. Whether you are looking to record an art video or share it on the internet, Mischief can help.

In addition to its free version, Mischief is also available for Mac and Windows. Mischief offers a simple, user-friendly interface that makes sketching easy. You can right-click to raise the determination wheel. After doing that, you can save the sketch as a PNG, JPG, or PSD file. Creating videos using Mischief can also help you quickly learn new tools and techniques.

Other software is used to create video presentations of your drawings. If you are looking for a more professional way to share your sketches, you might look into Mischief. The famous drawing software has many options to meet the needs of professional artists and hobbyists alike. Whether you want to present your drawings to clients or use them for your business, drawing software is crucial to your professional success.

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iColorama Studio

iColorama Studio is a popular drawing app that lets you produce beautiful videos of your sketches. It is also used for photo editing. It has an impressive selection of brushes, including ones from Adobe Photoshop. You can also import your brushes if you prefer. The bonus tutorial will teach you how to use MetaBrush and three brush libraries for drawing sketches. iColorama Studio also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

iColorama Studio has many special effects to enhance your videos. There are 12 presets for crosshatched pencil sketches in the Style menu. You can also apply products like blobs of color with the Style/Tensor switch. It also has 11 presets for modifying shadows and highlights. iColorama Studio is also helpful for making videos of drawing sketches, as you can share them on YouTube or upload them to Facebook.

Another great feature of iColorama Studio is its ability to turn photos into sketches. It has several styles and 16 tools, including natural, cartoon, and manga. Depending on the picture you want to create, you can use the free version to try different effects. You can buy the paid version for more advanced features. This option comes with a watermark. But if you want a high-resolution sketch, you can use iColorama Studio’s premium features.

Another free drawing tool is the CanvasPop app. It can be used to turn photos into hand-drawn paintings. It is a great way to share your sketches on social media, send them to print, or even frame them. You can also add images and paste them into your drawing. The app is available on the iPhone 5S, iPad Air, and iPod Touch 6 or newer.

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Paint 3D

You’ve probably heard of the tool Paint 3D, which allows you to create animations in 2D. This software comes with 2D shapes, like white space and a faint grid. The main difference between 2D and 3D painting is how you create perspective. If you’re pointing out specific parts of a photo, the arrow is the best tool. It’s easy to make an arrow with Paint 3D by dragging the mouse.

The software has a familiar interface, like other popular drawing apps. You can draw simple 3D objects and rotate them in place. You can also resize your canvas by a percentage or pixel. You can import 2D and 3D image files. And if you’re not comfortable with 3D files, you can also export your creations in a 2D format. This is an excellent tool for learning how to make 3D art.

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After you’ve created your model, you can export it to YouTube. You can upload the videos to any YouTube or Facebook page. Paint 3D also offers an export option. Export as video allows you to share your artwork and make a short animation of your process. Once you’ve exported your 3D model, you can name and save it as a video. There are many ways to make videos of drawing sketches.

You can convert your 2D drawings to GIFs and videos using Paint 3D. This program offers realistic filters and textures. It’s even possible to turn doodles into 3D objects. The best part about this program is that it’s free and available for Windows. So don’t worry if you don’t have a 3D computer – you can still do it in Paint 3D!


There are many free painting apps, but Adobe Sketch is one of the best. It has many expressive painting tools and feels like you’re interacting with the surface. Also, it has several mediums, like charcoal, ink, and watercolor. This software has many features for a low price but is also not as comprehensive as some of the more expensive options. Nevertheless, it has enough features to compete with other free painting apps.

You can make videos of your sketches with this software, making it ideal for illustrating in your spare time. You can also upload your drawings on YouTube, where you can watch them anytime. Its intuitive interface also helps you make video sketches. Its powerful video editing tools enable you to create and share your drawings with friends and family. It is also free, so it’s a good choice for beginners.

The program is designed with manga art in mind, so it features a high level of sophistication and is a serious tool for professionals. It comes with a free trial, but once you’re happy with it, you can purchase a license for $50. You can also make videos with Paint, but if you want to make them more personal, you’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $50 to unlock more features.

If you want a free online drawing app that works on mobile devices, Inkist is a good option. Its lightweight design makes it easy to use. It is suitable for sketching, digital strategy, and comic art. Its UI is simple, but it offers many features to help you create stunning artwork. It has an unlimited undo/redo feature and more than 400 brushes. Moreover, the program comes with several export options, including PDFs and videos.

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