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Which Are the Best YouTube Channels For Learning Art?

Many online art schools and YouTube videos are available for beginners, but which are the best? I have listed some of my favorites. The Smarthistory channel has excellent instructional videos on art topics, including painting, sculpture, and photography. I also recommend Sycra, Bobby Chiu, and Audra Auclair. These channels feature artists of all levels, including beginners. The videos range from detailed demonstrations of the artist’s technique to practical tasks that viewers can complete in their own time.


If you’ve ever felt like you’ve walked into an Art History 101 class and been overwhelmed by the content, Smarthistory might be the right channel for you. Its videos explore all the significant phenomena in art history, from common terminology to close-ups of famous works of art. It’s a great way to learn more about this fascinating subject in less time than a slide show or lecture.

The channel’s unique format allows viewers to interact with its creators and learn about art history. Many videos are designed to spark conversation and inspire viewers to share their ideas. It’s not just a collection of beautiful art, either. It also contains essays and conversational videos about art museums and cultural art. As one of the best YouTube channels for learning art, Smarthistory continues to expand its content.

Smarthistory is the ultimate art history channel. Its videos are created as textbooks for college-level art history classes and meet AP Art History and A-level Art standards. Its semi-crowdsourced, Creative Commons-licensed videos are perfect for students’ art history studies. There are even videos from museums. It isn’t easy to choose just one.

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Another great channel for learning art is Sycra. An artist owns the channel from Australia. The videos range from tips on drawing with charcoal to painting with acrylics. Many feature how-to guides and various vlogs cover copyright issues and scheduling. If you’re a beginner looking to learn about art, this is your channel. Its content has been described as inspiring and entertaining.

Among the best art channels on YouTube, Smarthistory is particularly good for beginners. It contains many informative and inspiring art tutorials and is a great place to learn how to draw like an artist. The videos are entertaining and informative, and many of them have a task to complete after watching the video. The best ones are interactive, with challenges to complete. In addition to providing art tutorials, Smarthistory also hosts live art streams every week.

Audra Auclair

Audra Auclair’s YouTube channel has many things to learn about art. The videos feature interviews with famous artists, celebrity art lovers, exhibition previews, and live performance art. Audra Auclair’s art world is full of rich details, including the anatomy of the human body. She also shares tips for balancing your time and workload as an artist. Learning about art is the best way to learn about the world around you.

This 21-year-old student’s art YouTube channel is home to over 200,000 subscribers. She is a self-taught artist specializing in digital art. Her art lessons are easy-to-follow, and her videos include speed painting and process videos. Her tutorials help you learn how to create masterpieces that rival the MoMA’s collection. You can even learn to paint from scratch by watching her videos!

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A YouTube channel devoted to the teaching of art, Sycra shows viewers how to draw figures and paint with various techniques. The videos are generally entertaining and not a study guide, but they still contain useful information. Some videos cover general art subjects, such as color theory and perspective, and others are specific to a particular medium. The channel is helpful to both novice and professional artists, as it offers a wide variety of art-related topics.

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A famous artist and art instructor, Sycra Yasin, hosts her own YouTube channel where she teaches viewers different techniques for drawing and painting. She also hosts interviews with other artists, including those in the art industry. This artist is knowledgeable about various art fields and is a master of character design. While many art instructors focus on the technical side of the industry, Sycra’s videos offer a wide range of learning components.

Another great channel for learning art is Pixologic. This artist started with small tutorials but soon expanded into a whole platform. It now has many resources for artists, including painting tips, woodworking, and more. The content of this channel isn’t as technical as those of other YouTube channels, but the quality of the videos and interviews are still worth a watch. It’s possible to learn the basics from the videos, but the more advanced concepts can be taught in less technical ways.

Those looking for a more detailed explanation of painting and drawing techniques can also check out the Tate YouTube station. The channel is full of free art tutorials and movies about art and culture. The Tate YouTube station is a favorite of both novices and professionals in the music industry. It regularly uploads art-related videos, including articles, tutorials, and weekly movies. The videos are very informative and are often available in multiple languages.

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The next big YouTube channel for learning art is Lachri Fine Art. Its uploads include tips on drawing in charcoal and painting with acrylics. The channel also contains vlogs about how to sell art, copyright issues, and scheduling. Aside from lessons, the channel offers live art streams and other art tips. The content on this channel is highly informative and accessible to anyone who wants to improve their skills.

Bobby Chiu

Bobby Chiu’s YouTube channel features lessons for beginners and advanced artists alike. He regularly hosts community challenges and offers tutorials from a variety of artists. In addition, he conducts interviews with well-known artists and includes some exciting content, such as interviews with famous art professionals. Bobby also covers a variety of subjects, including 2D and 3D art. His videos also cover everything from basic brush techniques to the more advanced aspects of drawing.

Michael Ross is another YouTube artist worth checking out. The artist has abundant knowledge about the industry and how to achieve the goals he’s striving to achieve. He also has a podcast with fellow artists called Draftsmen, which can be found on YouTube. While some of his videos are too long, they are highly informative, and his step-by-step explanations are beneficial. His videos are often funny, and he uses his expertise to make the topic easy to understand.

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While it may seem difficult to find art tutorials on YouTube, it is easy to find tutorials and videos on different topics by famous artists. The YouTube platform has many art stations owned by renowned artists, including Bobby Chiu. These art channels offer a wide range of art topics, from beginner-friendly tutorials to complex movies that teach you the ins and outs of various media.

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Another Youtube channel to check out is ImagineFX. It has hundreds of videos on concept art by dozens of world-renowned artists. These tutorials can help you learn more about the fundamentals of drawing digitally. With more than 400,000 subscribers, ImagineFX is a valuable resource for beginners. Many of the lessons are free. The channel is updated weekly and features tutorials on a variety of subjects.

While many artists have excellent tutorials on drawing, one of the most popular and well-known is Ethan Chung, who makes detailed tutorials on character design. His videos are apparent, but his style is aggressive at times. But the content is worth it. These tutorials can teach beginners to draw a wide variety of subjects, from figure drawing to portrait drawing.

You may have heard that consistency is the key to a thriving art channel on YouTube. That’s true in several ways. Listed below are tips for making your art channel a success. Uploading regularly, compelling narration, and subtitling are crucial factors attracting viewers. By following these tips, you will be on your way to a more successful YouTube channel.

Consistency is key to a thriving art channel on YouTube.

Whether you’re interested in making art or want to showcase your talent, consistency is the key to a successful YouTube art channel. Most art channels do not show their faces, making building rapport with your audience challenging. People enjoy interacting with other people, and showing your face gives them an insight into your life. It can also increase subscribers. If your audience can’t find you on the first try, you might need to tweak your approach.

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Creating video content that relates to your niche is crucial. Whether you prefer drawing digital landscapes or realistic watercolor portraits, your videos should be educational and inspiring to viewers. Many people are looking for tutorials on art on Youtube, so if you create tutorials and how-to videos, you’ll have an audience for years to come. Unlike putting up art products, tutorials and other digital content have an evergreen nature, so they’re an excellent option for building a loyal audience.

Uploading regularly

Besides posting interesting art videos, it is also essential to keep your audience interested by uploading videos regularly. Often, artists fail to upload videos regularly because they do not include links or other forms of branding. But there are many ways to improve your art channel on YouTube. Here are some suggestions:

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Keep your YouTube channel focused by having a niche. Your videos should be related to the place of your art channel. This will help you retain your viewers and subscribers. Moreover, it will keep you on your toes as your videos will always be relevant. This will also allow you to be creative and keep making videos pertinent to your niche. However, beware that you may lose viewers or subscribers if you upload videos with no place.

Proper narration

Many YouTube channels that deal with art heavily depend on voiceovers to explain how to create a specific technique. While the tutorial is essential, proper narration adds to the overall experience. The voiceover should be clear and crisp and have good post-production work. When creating your voiceover for your YouTube channel, keep some things in mind. Below are a few tips that will make the narration process more accessible and practical.


Subtitling your videos is essential in improving your channel’s popularity, especially if your target audience is the art community. YouTube uses speech recognition software to create subtitles for your videos automatically, but often the result is subtitles that are inconsistent with the video. For example, punctuation can throw off the rhythm of the video. Subtitles editors list the subtitles and timestamps and give you the option to edit and delete them.

YouTube has several tools to help creators create subtitles. You can use YouTube Studio to select the language you’d like to target for your videos. The software automatically creates subtitles for your videos, but the captions are not always accurate and may not include proper punctuation. This makes your videos more accessible to viewers who speak another language or live in an environment where the audio is loud.

Create a video thumbnail that describes what the video is about. A good screenshot may also help. Don’t over-use text in the video’s title. It’s best to keep the text brief and descriptive so that viewers will understand what the video is all about. Also, upload thumbnails that feature the art video at the correct angle. After completing the necessary steps, you can begin uploading your videos to YouTube.

Adding subtitles to your videos will make them accessible to more viewers and help them rank higher in search engines. The process of adding subtitles to your videos is easy. To add subtitles to your videos, log into your YouTube Studio account and select the video to be subtitled. A list of subtitled videos will appear on the video’s description page. Choose the language you’d like to subtitle and click on Add subtitles.

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