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What’s a Secret Cheat Artists Use to Draw?

Tracing your work is a typical trick artists use to get a neat final piece. But is this cheating? Not really. It’s a great way to get the best result if you know exactly what something looks like but aren’t confident enough to draw it from memory. You can trace your work to get better ideas of what to change to make it more realistic.

Dishonest means to create art

The word “dishonest” is often used about cheating in any form of art, such as chess or running. In a competitive environment, it is against the rules to use any means that would help you win the game. Runners must cover the entire distance, chess players must move the pawns in a specific way, and swimmers must swim in a particular way. Dishonesty in any form of art is a significant offense.


While tracing has a negative reputation in the art community, it is a beneficial technique every artist can use to improve their skills. By copying the final lines of objects, amateur tracers can duplicate the same effect in minutes. Essentially, amateur tracers copy the last lines of things from a photo. But to ensure that the result matches the original, they must first learn to trace the original.

You probably do not fully understand the process if you think tracing is a cheat. While most people view this as the wrong way to work, it doesn’t need to be considered such a thing. Besides, tracing can be a fun hobby for children. Moreover, it can help them learn the basics of drawing. After all, tracing is an excellent way for kids to get an introduction to art.

Using a photo is not illegal but is considered cheating in some circles. Artists use a technique called tracing to create a perfect copy of a picture. They use the photo to practice their drawing skills. They then transfer the image onto the canvas. In doing so, they violate the copyright of the original image. To avoid attracting negative criticism, they trace the idea of an object to draw a similar picture.

Drawing from life is not as easy as tracing from a photo. If you want to get the look of an object ideally, you need to remove it from life instead. Take art classes and learn to observe. By learning from life, you can improve your drawing skills faster. You can also trace from a photo of an artist’s work. That way, you can get a good idea of what they’ve done.

Multiple digital layers

Using multiple digital layers to create your artwork is a secret that many artists use to achieve excellent results. Using various layers gives your drawings depth and complexity. Most art programs include this tool, which can make a big difference. Selecting a layer means that you’re working with that layer, and any changes you make will only affect it. To get started with layers, you’ll want to learn Photoshop basics and how to use them properly.

Chemical drawing

Many artists, from professionals to beginners, wonder if chemical drawing is a secret cheat. The answer may surprise you – yes, it is. This technique was first discovered by Henry Fox Talbot, an English mathematician, and scientist. While struggling to draw a scene on Lake Como, Talbot was experimenting with chemicals on a piece of silver. He soon noticed that these chemicals created a latent image, which remained undetectable until the idea was developed.

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One of the best ways to learn to draw is to observe people and subjects from life. You will need one light source, either natural or electric. Another method to study is to copy a master’s. There are many courses online and offline, but you will need to pick one that suits your schedule and skill level. Here are some of the top options. Listed below are the best courses for beginners.

Art & Science of Drawing

Brett Eviston is a popular drawing teacher, and his book The Art & Science of Drawing is no exception. Throughout the book, he breaks down the basics of drawing with a pencil and moves on to shading, contouring, and figure drawing. As the author of several other arts and illustrating books, Eviston has taught thousands of people in over a hundred countries. This is his first book, but it will prove to be an invaluable resource for those interested in drawing.

Throughout the book, Eviston teaches various techniques and processes to help students create stunning drawings of whatever they choose. He breaks down the drawing steps into three stages: simplifying the subject and working out general proportions. From there, students work on developing more precise contours and enhancing the three-dimensionality of the issue. Then, they learn about proportional balance, perspective, and lighting. Once these steps are complete, they can start working on a more advanced drawing.

In addition to the process of drawing, conscious drawing also represents a significant mental achievement. It requires a particular gift of abstraction. People with this gift are capable of identifying the motif of a drawing. Specific forms of the line make it easier for people to see the image of a line. For example, a line meeting in an angular manner suggests the boundary of a plane. Another line may indicate a cubic body.


If you’ve ever wondered how to draw, 21-Draw is the answer. This online art school is similar to Skillshare but geared towards artists. It features courses from well-known artists that cover a range of subjects. Some of these courses apply to traditional art, while others focus on digital art. But even if you don’t intend to go professional with your art, 21-Draw can help you get started.

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The book is packed with tutorials and tips on using a graphics tablet. Erika Ross also offers valuable information on setting up your workspace to create a perfect canvas for digital artwork. She shares her secrets with you in this step-by-step guidebook. You’ll learn to make sketches in no time at all. After that, you can go on to master basic drawing techniques in the form of step-by-step video tutorials.

Part 3 of 21-Draw’s course covers different types of poses and how to create characters. The system includes seven assignment resources and a theory and demonstration on how to draw characters. For example, in part 3, you’ll learn how to draw different types of eyes. You’ll be able to create a wide range of expressions and look at various angles quickly. You’ll be able to remove multiple faces, including people of different ages.


A Creativebug resource can help beginners become proficient at figure drawing. While drawing a figure can initially seem daunting, David Tenorio, a professional draftsman, and art tutor, quickly walks you through the basics of formation drawing. David Tenorio teaches you the basics of anatomy, proportion, and volume. There are some advantages to an online drawing resource, but a hard copy book is the best option for learning artistic anatomy.

A Creativebug subscription is a perfect gift for any child who loves crafts. Whether they prefer to draw animals or create a 3-D scene, a Creativebug subscription is sure to please. The subscription is offered through web and app versions. Children can also take a class on Creativebug, as projects are categorized according to age. Children may need an adult’s assistance for some of the projects. Unlimited Plus subscribers receive credits for each month of their subscription.

Creativebug is an online learning platform offering over 1,000 DIY courses that top artists and designers teach. The videos feature a healthy dose of creative inspiration for people of all ages and skill levels. The site offers video tutorials, patterns, and templates for download for life. The place was acquired by JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores in April 2017. The site remains a separate business unit, but the Unlimited Plus subscription plan includes exclusive discounts at JOANN stores.


Brent Eviston’s How to Learn to Draw starts with the basics, introducing pencil skills and the fundamental shapes of art. This book explains volumetric drawing, shading, and figure drawing, with various instructional images to help students learn these techniques. Eviston teaches the fundamentals of drawing, from the proper overhand grip to the ideal line weight. His book is designed for beginners, with plenty of practice projects to get you started.

Brent Eviston is a popular drawing instructor in Bend, Oregon. He has taught thousands of students, from beginners to artists of all levels, and has created the “Art & Science of Drawing” series of online courses. With more than one hundred thousand students in more than 170 countries, his studies have helped people learn how to draw from scratch. Learn to draw from Brent Eviston and see the results yourself!

Brent’s Drawing Book takes the reader through the process step-by-step. He introduces three types of contour lines, including the inner, external, and cross contours. The book also contains completed examples of each drawing to inspire beginners and experienced artists. The book is perfect for anyone looking to improve their drawing skills. The lessons are designed for beginners of all levels, and there’s nothing more exciting than drawing your first masterpiece.

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Draw a box

The draw box site is free to use and full of beginner lessons. While it won’t turn you into a professional artist overnight, the course is perfect for the beginner looking to learn basic drawing techniques and use tools. It also includes free critiques of your work. If you’re looking for a more advanced program, look elsewhere, but be sure to revisit these lessons periodically for the most recent information.

Each lesson in the Drawabox app consists of a lecture and exercises. Students should complete the activities and homework before moving on to the next section. The final step is to submit your drawings. Drawing a box encourages fine liners or felt tip pens, though ballpoint is also acceptable. Drawing without reference is also an option after completing the 50% rule. The Drawabox app will also help students learn to use various drawing tools.

The Drawabox app requires a lot of practice and discipline. Beginners may not be able to see the drawing process, but many online videos show step-by-step approaches to drawing. The Proko Figure Drawing Fundamentals video series is an excellent example of a step-by-step approach. The creator of Drawabox will also give you free critiques. You’ll need to spend a lot of time practicing, but don’t worry, he won’t charge you anything!

Online drawing courses

If you’d like to capture life on paper, an online drawing course is a perfect way to start. These courses can help you master the fundamentals of drawing, from using proportion and light to creating negative space. You can also learn to use various tools and techniques to create a compelling piece. No matter your skill level, there’s a course that’s right for you.

The Nolan and Dennis courses are great because they break down the entire process and teach you everything you need to know about drawing. You’ll find step-by-step lessons, valuable tips, and drawing theory. The best part? Each class builds on the one before it. There’s no need to rush through each lesson or worry that you won’t catch anything. In addition, you can follow along in your own time, and there’s no obligation to follow the course in a specific order.

Consider taking a course from New Masters Academy for a more traditional approach. Before committing to a monthly fee, you can try the free trial to see how the systems work. This resource offers many traditional drawing techniques that can be transferred to digital work. Digital artists can take advantage of the massive library of the courses provided by CGMA. From concept art to character design, CGMA’s methods help learn the craft.

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