What Should I Draw For My Art Channel on Facebook?

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As an artist, you’re likely wondering: What should I draw for my art channel on Facebook? Here are some tips to help you decide. First, look at the artists you admire. Mark Crilley, Filipa Santos, Alphonso Dunn, Robert Stacy, and others are great examples. These artists are successful because they answer common questions. Their work is also beneficial to many people, making sense to emulate their work.

Mark Crilley

If you want to learn to draw, you should subscribe to Mark Crilley’s art channel on YouTube. He has over 3 million subscribers and shares how-to drawing videos. His videos are fun and informative, and he includes tasks for viewers to do, such as drawing complex objects. You can also watch his challenges, such as drawing Chinese characters, making an origami lion, and painting a sunset.

Drawing realistic ears is one of the easiest things to master. You can learn how to draw natural ears using contours and shading in specific areas. Mark Crilley’s tutorials also provide tips on how to start a story. You can learn to draw realistic ears by following his videos on YouTube. These videos will help you become a better artist and will also help you improve your skills.

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Filipa Santos

If you love to watch artists’ videos, you’ll be interested in knowing a few things about Filipa Santos’s zodiac sign. Her star sign is Leo, and people born under this sign are creative, dramatic, and self-confident. They are also beautiful and self-possessed. Despite her self-confidence, she has been praised for her positive energy and a good sense of humor. Hopefully, Filipa can find a way to combine her zodiac sign with her artistic ability to draw for her YouTube channel.

If you’re an artist who wants to share your skills with others, then you should try following Pypah’s Art channel on YouTube. The talented young Portuguese illustrator is currently studying Animation at Leeds Art University. You can learn how to draw a face with the help of Pypah’s tutorials on YouTube. Paypal also offers tutorials for drawing with the Procreate app and discusses the tools she uses.

Alphonso Dunn

If you want to learn to draw from scratch, you should subscribe to Alphonso Dunn’s YouTube channel. His videos cover various subjects, from basic pen and ink drawing to painting demos and equipment reviews. You can also check out his Love Life Drawing channel, which Kenzo and his mother, Mayko, run. The two provide tutorials on figure drawing and linear perspective, essential fundamentals of drawing.

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Whether you’re interested in learning traditional drawing or 3D modeling, Dunn’s art videos are full of educational content. He has earned numerous awards and is represented in several private collections around the US. His art channel has more than 720,000 subscribers, and there are hundreds of free tutorials and videos available. You should subscribe to his YouTube channel to learn how to draw like a famous artist.

Robert Stacy

If you’re a fan of Robert Stacy and his art channel on YouTube, you might be wondering whether you should follow him on YouTube. The talented self-taught artist, also known as “Six,” started his channel many years ago when he wanted to share his passion for art with others. After several years working as a freelance designer and illustrator for Electronic Arts, Stacy realized that he wanted to give back to the community and began to focus more on providing art education. The channel is more significant than ever, with over a million subscribers and more than a dozen videos posted each day.

Shoo Rayner

You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering what you can learn from award-winning artist Shoo Rayner’s art channel on YouTube. His method is simple yet effective. Simple shapes make up his drawings, perfect for beginners and experienced artists alike. Here’s why. Here are some of the best tips for creating great graphics from Shoo Rayner:

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Shoo Rayner is an award-winning illustrator and author of over 200 children’s books published worldwide. He aims to teach children to become fluent readers, writers, and artists and has a growing audience on YouTube. His channel features many how-to videos and has over 199 thousand subscribers. His channel has over 31 million views! Check out his website or other media for more information about Shoo Rayner’s instructional videos.

There are many benefits of watching speed paints on YouTube. First of all, they’re searchable. Just like Google, you can find them whenever you want. Another benefit of watching speedpaints on YouTube is their potential to go viral. And, of course, they’re free. Besides that, they’re an excellent way to share your speedpaints with others and build an audience.

Art for Kids Hub

Whether you want to learn how to draw or improve your current skill level, watching speed paints on YouTube can benefit you. You can also learn how to optimize your videos to show up in search engines. There are four essential parts to optimizing your videos. These are Keywords, Title, Description, and Tags. You can use more than one keyword to attract the most viewers.

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The first step in a drawing technique is to practice it and learn to observe how an artist draws it. You can watch a video by a famous artist such as Stuart Davies, or you can even create your own by following a guide. The videos are usually about 30 minutes long, so you can spend as much time watching them. You can also find tutorials by amateur artists and professional artists.

Using the right tools for speed painting is crucial for success. One way is to learn how to draw in a small time frame. A ten-minute project is a better idea for a drawing than a hundred. A mistake can be frustrating if it takes more time than you thought. The next step is to find a suitable tool. Many software programs are available online that can help you with this process.

Another way to learn to draw is to watch YouTube videos by professional artists. There are many different tutorials on YouTube, from essential tips for beginners to detailed technical tips for professionals. For example, a speed painter on YouTube may demonstrate a technique for drawing a particular subject in the fastest time. Ultimately, it will be up to you to decide which one works best for you. But it is worth remembering that the more you watch videos, the better you will become.

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Alphonso Dunn

I’ve watched hundreds of tutorial videos from Alphonso Dunn and found that his tutorials can help me draw better. Alphonso is a talented artist and art instructor who focuses on watercolor illustrations and sketching. His videos are easy to follow and include helpful tips to prevent boredom and advance your drawing skills. He has more than 720,000 subscribers on YouTube and shares hundreds of free tutorials and videos.

Bayley Jae

If you are looking to improve your drawing skills, you should subscribe to the YouTube channel of an illustrator named Bayley Jae. You can find her videos on various topics, including how to draw and speed paint, custom painting, and detailed step-by-step drawing tutorials. She is a young Canadian who shares art videos with various viewers. Her videos also cover technical subjects, such as shading and perspective, and may also include product reviews.

When I first started watching her videos, I was intimidated by her talent and was afraid to try them. She started blogging and posting speed paint videos on YouTube, but soon I was hooked. Then, I realized that she was just a fangirl and started to draw. Her artistic skills inspire me, and I’ve become more confident with my art.

Lachri Fine Art

If you’ve been a struggled artist, you’re not alone. Many artists believe that practicing makes them better. But practice alone is useless. To become better, you need to practice studying other artists’ works. Learning from a good artist isn’t merely about learning how to draw; it’s also about getting as much exposure to the different techniques that they use.

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