What is the Best LavaLoonion Combination?

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If you have never played with a LavaLoonion, you probably wonder what combo is best. The best way to answer that question is to read this article. This article will learn how to combine the LavaLoonion with the Lava Hound, Balloon, and Zap/Lightning. There is no one best combination, so here are some ideas:


In Clash of Clans, the LavaLoonion is one of the most popular attack strategies. It can be used at any time from Town Hall 9 to 11. The troop composition varies based on the type of attack, but all units must have lava hounds, balloons, and kill troops. This strategy can be used to destroy defenses and scout for targets.

A Lavaloon deck should include Lightning and Zap. Lightning and Zap will reset Lavaloon cards, helpful against ID and IT. In addition, the Hound can trade-in towers. To ensure success, you should place the Hound on the lowest part of the arena. After the Lava Hound, deploy Dart Goblin and Rage. Make sure to use these units in the correct order.

This strategy is perfect for clan wars since it overkills TH8 and 100%s TH9. Send two lava hounds to the two front-line defenses. Next, send two balloons in waves behind them, placing rage spells near them. When you get two locks behind the balloons, attack two of them. Ensure to attack both groups of loons and get rid of the enemy as quickly as possible.

The LavaLoon was a crucial player in the late game of 2015. It is starting to make a comeback in 2016, but it can crush any base using air attacks. The strategy doesn’t involve multiple attacking stages and kills squads. Instead, the LavaLoonion should focus on spells and 50% destruction. If you’re not careful, you’ll be a lone rat.

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If you want to learn more about using Lavaloon in the competitive metagame, you can read the Queen Charge Lavaloon guide by Irfan Gaming Academy. It will guide you step-by-step through the deck so you don’t miss any crucial details. You can even check out their social media pages for more information and helpful tips. If you’re still stuck on which combos to play, check out our new guides on Lavaloon!

Lava Hound

This deck is known for its high health flying Lava Hound that splits into lava pups that eat enemy units. The Lava Hound is one of the best combinations in LavaLoonion, but the deck is rare, so you must use an air-damaging troop to counter its attacks. The Musketeer is the most effective air-damaging troop, as he offers both long-range and high attack damage.

If you have Lava Hound, use this combo with a Log to clear the skeleton army and a Miner to spot the Electro Wizard and give it some damage. But beware that a low-level Three Musketeer will die to a Fireball from a high-level Lava Hound. Lava Hound is best with 3 Musketeers, Sparky, Inferno Tower, or Inferno Dragon.

You can also use a Knight to soak up damage from Arena Towers, while a Lava Hound can not heal the towers. You can also use an Archer as a cheap and durable ranged attacker, as it can survive a Log and Arrows. But be sure to watch out for the Lava Hound, as it can kill the enemy’s Tower with one push, and you could win the game with it. This combo can be modified as per your preferences, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Using a Lava Hound to counter an Air Defense is the best way to use it effectively. The Lava Hound will chase the Air Defense, distracting them and allowing Balloons to attack from outside the base. But you can also use Balloons to blast the air defense from the outside. However, avoid attacking directly into an Air Sweeper, as it will group up and die.

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While the Lava Hound and Miner are the best LavaLoonion deck, you should also try out a LavaLoonion deck and see which one suits you the best. Lava Hound has the highest attack and defense potential of any LavaLoonion combination and has a meager Elixir cost.


In Clash of Clans, the Lava and Balloon combination is an excellent strategy. In this strategy, the Lava Hound acts as a tank while the balloons deal damage from behind. You need to play spells that deal more damage and make your balloons move faster, so you want to play haste spells to help your balloons speed up their slow climb into the base. This combo can take down two groups of enemy loons at once.

When combined with Arrows, you can clear out swarm units and provide additional damage to the Balloon. The Bomber can also clear out a Skeleton Army and give a big blow to the Electro Wizard. The Bomber is a significant AOE troop but is often underused. Using the Bomber can provide you with considerable damage against the enemy’s lava loon, but it can also cause your problems.

A good strategy for Lava Hounds to deal damage to Air Defenses is to send a couple of them to each air defense. This is because Lava Hounds can hit a wide range of enemy defenses. Air defenses often try to target the Lava Hounds as they attack. However, if you plan to send multiple Lava Hounds to one Air Defense, make sure you have at least two Balloons available.

When playing Clash of Clans, it is essential to have a strategy for your air attacks. This makes it much easier to plan an attack. You can analyze the enemy base and plan your attack accordingly with a system. The Lava and Balloon combination is the oldest air attack strategy. It is a great way to overwhelm the enemy. While it can kill a Balloon if deployed together, it can also help you take down an Air Defense.

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If you play a Lava and Balloon combination in F2P games, you can use the Bomber to clear the swarm and Poison to absorb some damage. This combination works well with a Bomber or Mega Minion as support. However, you need to be careful while defending against it because it can be highly effective if you play it smart. It is also recommended for F2P players.

Zap or Lightning

To get the best results with Lavaloon, you need to trade Towers for their ability to take out specific units. Moreover, it is essential to equip Lavaloon with Lightning and elixir to get the most powerful push. This combo is particularly effective if you don’t have Zap or Lightning in your deck. Guards, Tombstone, and Balloon can also support it. Moreover, you can also use the Mega Minion to clip the Tower or Cannon.

Another vital card that is mandatory in a LavaLoonion deck is the Balloon. It can be combined with the Lava Hound to make it more potent. Besides, this card can also be combined with the Zap or Lightning to make it more powerful. It is also helpful to have other cards for support, like a mega minion.

If you’re looking for a combo to make LavaLoonion kill towers, you should use the Mega Minion. This excellent support unit can help you smash half of the Tower. Lightning can be used to reset the Tower, and it is an incredible tool for countering other decks with high-damage cards. Then, you can play a LavaLoonion deck with a resurgence effect.

Lightning will be the best option if you want to take out ranged units on the other side of the board. While this combo will sacrifice lead, it will guarantee you victory. You must be able to deal with high-damage ranged units on the other side of the board. Lightning also works very well against Ice Wizards. In addition to that, Lightning is the best combo for LavaLoonion.

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Whether to use Zap or Lightning depends on the type of deck you have. A Lightning deck has a better chance of defeating buildings than a LavaLoonion deck. A Lightning deck can also be improved with substitute cards, such as Fireball. Fireball is less expensive than Lightning and performs better on defense. Fireball also has a knockback effect of removing Glass Cannons for six elixirs.

The best TH6 army can provide loot and trophies. The best composition is two or three giants, 20-20 archers, and an arch. The arch and wiz should be at level 50 or higher to ensure the best damage output. Lastly, it would help if you had a heal spell and at least one Bomber. This combination of minions is excellent for taking down giant monsters in a single turn.

Clash Calc

There are a few different ways to build a raiding army in World of Warcraft. You can use Clash Calc to make a plan. Aside from automatically setting the town hall level, it can save and reset values. Here are a few tips to make your army composition more effective. This way, you can maximize your loot, trophies, and defenses.


If you’re a TH6 player, you’ve probably considered using the BarchLoon raid army composition. This strategy is a solid choice for 3 starting any TH6 base. It relies on luring enemy clan castle troops into your ground and smashing their air defense with max hogs. While it is expensive to build, it is highly reliable in 3 starring any TH6 base.


A GoLaLoon attack strategy combines Air Troops and Ground Troops to destroy Air Defence buildings in a raid. This strategy is used by high-level players at TH8 and later TH9. The core army consists of 2 Giants, 3 Lava Hounds, 1 Arch, and 35 CC Heroes. This army composition is perfect for destroying Air Defence buildings and capturing trophies.

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A Giant+Healer Strategy can be instrumental in a TH6. The Giants will break through the first layer of walls and Air Defence. The Giants will break through the air defenses faster if the air defenses are strong. If the base has CC troops, the Giants should be dropped to check for Spring Traps. Then, the Barbarian King will follow the Giants to the ground, killing everything in their way.

BarchLoon attack strategy

The BARCHLoon is a mighty dragon who can make a strong force in the TH6 raid army. It can break walls and grab loot, but it can also take on the air defense of the enemy town hall. To make a BarchLoon effective in a raiding army, it should have archers and giants and a heal spell.

Giant+Healer attack strategy

The Giant+Healer attack strategy is the most potent attack combination available for the lower levels of Town Halls. With this attack strategy, you will find enough power to get three stars on any base. If you have a Giant and a Healer, you will have no problem destroying Air Defences. However, your Healer will be vulnerable to Archer Towers, which are as annoying to Healers as Giants.

You should find the Air Defences first to deploy your Giants quickly. Once you kill the first Air Defence, use a Rage Spell to increase the duration of the Giant buff. If you have two Air Defences, you should deploy Healers after the Giants have destroyed them. In addition, it is possible to use your Healers to buff Giants to total health in seconds.

The Giant+Healer attack strategy is another effective way to win a TH6 match. While this strategy is effective in farming and Clan Wars, it is best applied at Town Hall 6 and 7. Its advantages include taking down defensive buildings and protecting support troops. The Giant+Healer attack strategy should be utilized with care, as the enemy will be able to shoot down your healers if they are not in CC.

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