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What Are the Blue Pipes That Run All Over Berlin?

Have you ever wondered about the blue pipes running all over Berlin? They look like art installations, but they are part of a city’s groundwater pump system. Unlike skyscrapers, these pipes are used to remove water from construction sites. You’ll see them if you walk near a construction zone near Potsdamer Platz. You may even mistake them for art installations.


You might have noticed that the city of Berlin is built on swamp land. Its name comes from the Slavic word for swamp. It would help if you dug deep to avoid sinking into a swamp to make a city. This means that pipes to transport fresh water and effluent must run underground. To keep groundwater levels from rising, construction sites install Negativbrunnen or reverse springs, to remove excess water from construction sites and inject it into the sewer network or canals. They’re a sight, and they look like science-fiction cool.

German architect Ludwig Leo designed the Umlauftank. This technical building on stilts was initially a test tank for ship parts. It is now the world’s giant circulation tank, measuring about 400 feet long. Leo also designed the iconic Berlin skyline to counter the National Socialist architecture of the time. These structures symbolize the city’s modernism but have a sad history.

Kleinprofil trains

Despite being narrower than most other Berlin trains, the German railway system still uses four-seat groups in the Grossprofil. This is because the trains are operated with two power rails, which are positively charged and one negatively charged. After the reunification of Germany, the BVG switched the polarity of the tracks. This means passengers who take the Kleinprofil will better chat with other people as the cars are closer.

The construction of the Kleinprofil network began after the First World War and paralleled the post-war vicissitudes of the Weimar Republic. Air raids damaged the above-ground viaducts, and one station, Osthafen, was utterly destroyed. In the late 1940s, desperate SS troops dynamited the north-south S-Bahn tunnel. This allowed water to flood the central underground U-Bahn network.

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The U-Bahn in Berlin is divided into two main types of trains: Grossprofil and Kleinprofil. The former is smaller and runs on standard gauge tracks. The former has a width of 2.30 meters, while the latter has a height of 3.65 meters. The trains use the same standard gauge and voltage supply, but they operate on two separate lines. The difference between the two types of trains is significant enough to warrant a brief explanation.

After opening the new tunnel, the S85 will run every 20 minutes. S8 trains will run every 20 minutes on Bornholmer Str. to Pankow. The S8 will then return to Schonhauser Allee. They will be 10 minutes apart. Until the new tunnel opens, they will run every 20 minutes. Despite their popularity, the new Pandemic line has not been given a warm reception.

The BVG awarded Stadler Rail a contract in 2014 to build the new train series. The first two sets will be prototypes, but 64 sets have been ordered since. The trains will replace F74 and D57/D60 units on the U55 and U7. In addition, the new trains will expand the fleet for the extension of the U5 line. If the deal goes through, the new trains will be ready for service in 2017 or 2020.

Gross profit trains

The Grossprofil trains run throughout Berlin and use different power rails than the Kleinprofil. They are built on specially-adapted track sections and were the only ones available on the E-line during the Cold War. While the power rail on the Kleinprofil trains was positively charged, the Grossprofil train’s power rail was negatively charged. Initially, the power rail was the same as the Grossprofil, but the BVG reversed this after reunification. There are also some benefits of using the Grossprofil trains.

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The Grossprofil train is the most popular type of train in Berlin. A commuter train is used on the U1, U2, and U3 lines. It is slightly taller than the Kleinprofil but is shorter. Moreover, it has more space. The Grossprofil trains can carry more people than the Kleinprofil trains, so it is a more comfortable train to ride in.

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The Berlin U-Bahn network is split into two profiles, the Grossprofil and the Kleinprofil. There are also separate Hauptwerkstatten and Betriebswerkstatten, which handle maintenance and repair tasks. While service depots are responsible for minor maintenance and repairs, the Hauptwerkstatten takes major inspections and lifts trains off the tracks. In Mitte, the Hauptwerkstatten is located on Klosterstrasse, named after a medieval Franciscan abbey.

After the Grossprofil cars were delivered, the city of Berlin ordered a total of 24 locomotives. The Linke-Hoffmann factory in Breslau began building them. The first Grossprofil cars arrived in 1914. Each had 111 seats. The purpose of having fewer cars was to save money on building platforms. However, the problem of platform access was not solved until the 1950s, and enlargement was completed in the 1990s.

The U6 subway line connects Ruhleben station in western Berlin with Pankow in the northeast. It travels through the city center, including Potsdamer Platz, Zoo, and Stadtmitte. The U7 line runs through Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg, Neukolln, and Schöneberg. The U9 passes through the Tiergarten, Kurfurstendamm, and Zoologischer Garten.

Underground system

The U-Bahn, or subway in English, is Germany’s most extensive transportation system. With 173 stations and over 530 million passengers annually, it has become a popular means of transport throughout Berlin. Its easy connections and frequent trains make it a popular choice for tourists and residents alike. To get a feel for how the U-Bahn works, here is a look at the different lines and stations.

The U-Bahn is the most extensive underground system globally and is the primary mode of transportation in the city. Over 530 million people use the plan each year, making it difficult to imagine a Berlin trip without hopping on a train. The Berlin U-Bahn also hosts a film festival featuring 90-second-long short films voted for by passengers. The U-Bahn architecture map highlights fifty stations constructed from 1902 to 2009. These buildings are notable for their architecture, reflecting the city’s political, economic, and social history.

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Line U7 runs through the center of the city. It connects the central areas of the town with the outer suburbs. It begins in Uhlandstrasse near Kurfurstendamm and runs for about an hour. The U7 first opened in 1913 as a branch of the former line C, later becoming the U6. The U7 was reopened as a separate line in 1966. The line continued to grow until the liquidation of AEG-Schnellbahn-AG in 1926. In 1927, the U7 opened to the west, including Hermannplatz and Wilmersdorf. In 1984, the U7 reached Spandau.

The U-Bahn is the urban subway system in Berlin. U-Bahn trains run every two to five minutes during the day and 10 minutes in the evening. Expect delays, but this is part of the Berlin experience. While waiting for your train to arrive, enjoy the bustling stations and crowded trains. You can even catch a busker in a station to pass the time. It’s also convenient to travel with your pet – make sure you have a reduced fare ticket.

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Many great adult cartoons have fallen victim to popularity, but lesser-known shows often get a bad rap. These underrated cartoons may be older or simply short-lived and quickly replaced. Here are four of my favorites. You might also be surprised to learn which comics are underrated! Keep reading to find out what you’re missing! And remember: there’s always next season!

The PJs

Many critics have claimed that THE PJs are overrated adult cartoons. They say that while this show was hilarious at times, its message was often as incendiary and damning as breaking news. In one episode, Thurgood Stubbs organizes a rally for Lawrence Hilton Jacobs the Third housing projects and learns that the city has not installed proper water filters, leading to an outbreak of green slime and a riot against City Hall.

“The PJs” is an animated series about three black families living in a multi-million dollar housing project. The show is based on the book by Eddie Murphy and stars Eddie Murphy as the beleaguered superintendent of the Hilton-Jacobs projects. The show is a modern-day Job, with callous government officials and a beleaguered superintendent forever plagued by tenant complaints.

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Space Ghost

The Space Ghost show, produced by Lazzo and featuring the character of an interstellar superhero, has garnered a great deal of cult following. The show featured Space Ghost’s bandleader and antagonists, including the talking mantis Zorak, a lava man, and the titular villain. Among many other topics, the Space Ghost show focuses on balancing the characters’ roles as bandleader and hero while also introducing fans to new things about nature.

As a result of this popularity, many people think that Space Ghost is a child’s cartoon, but he is not. His characters are not exactly likable, and his depressive attitude is reflected in the show’s humor. The show also features frequent references to drunkenness and murder, highlighting the disconnect between the animated world and the real world. Despite this, fans are unlikely to grow tired of this cartoon anytime soon.

While some may not appreciate the satire or the twisted humor, there are many positives to Space Ghost. It was one of the first shows to be championed on Internet message boards, and its clips still fit in with memes. While Space Ghost was not as sexist as Mystery Science Theater 3000, it made the ’90s slacker ultra-cool much more palatable.

Despite its limited appeal and a relatively small audience, the cartoon has inspired several other shows, including Sealab 2021, The Brak Show, Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. In addition, many fans are fond of its cast of characters, including Brak and Zorak. Most of the characters were created purely for comedy. A similar trend occurred with spoofs of popular comics, such as “Bone Girls” and “The Simpsons.”

Ren & Stimpy

The cult following of Ren & Stimpy has increased over the years, but many still consider the cartoons to be too ‘gritty’ for the adult demographic. While Ren’s sexuality is often mocked, it’s hard to deny that it’s amusing. For example, Stimpy affixes a shampoo dispenser to his groin area and repeatedly fucks a woman in BDSM gear. This is one of the few instances where the series has crossed over into sexual satire’.

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The reboot is a more explicit and obscene cartoon than the original series. Although some episodes are more mature than the original, the foul language and sexy dialogue are inappropriate for younger audiences. Because of the reboot, a Ren & Stimpy revival is unlikely. But the show has a strong following, and many fans still adore the characters.

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While the original series is a classic, many episodes are unappealing for the adult audience. The infamous episode “Man’s Best Friend” is one such example, but this is a watered-down version. In addition to the horrible content, “It’s a Dog’s Life” also features a Granny who abuses the dog, and people’s brains explode. Another episode, “Aloha Hoek,” shows that Ren and Stimpy were Russian spies and hid in an abandoned airplane.

One of the biggest questions many adults ask about Ren & Stimpy is whether it’s worth watching. The show premiered on 11 August 1991 and was critically acclaimed, but the display was deemed inappropriate for children. After its debut, the show was canceled by Nickelodeon after five seasons. The second season started great, but the show’s creator, John Kricfalusi, was let go halfway through the second season. And from then on, it continued to descend to a low point.

BoJack Horseman

While some critics are urging viewers to give BoJack Horseman a chance, others are begging viewers to give the show a miss. BoJack Horseman has received mixed reviews, and many have called the show out for being a gimmick rather than a great show. Whether it is the fact that BoJack is a talking horse or the fact that the animation is stretched beyond its capacity, BoJack Horseman has its fans.

While BoJack Horseman has a sympathetic male lead, it was based on flawed, toxic masculinity. Viewers were forced to evaluate their relationships with characters such as Bojack and realized that their behavior was not redeemable. The writers of BoJack Horseman acknowledged this influence and actively worked to change the overarching rhetoric. It has been criticized for its lack of diversity, but a growing audience has appreciated Bojack’s unique personality and a strong sense of humor.

BoJack Horseman is Netflix’s most popular original animation series. This hilarious show is based on a fictional, depressed alcoholic horse that was the star of a hit 90s sitcom. The first season of BoJack Horseman focuses on the depressed alcoholic and the horseman’s struggle to get his memoir published. It also demonstrates the concept of animal friendship and relationships and mental health.

The show’s characters are well-drawn and well-acted. The world of Bojack finally lives up to the surreal opening sequence and throws human failings into stark relief. It is one of the freshest shows of the year, and it has plenty of appeals. Don’t let this deter you from giving BoJack a try. It will not disappoint! You can watch all six seasons for free on Netflix.

The Critic

For years, FOX has been a haven for overrated adult cartoons, from the infamous Simpsons to One Punch Man, but these shows don’t always deliver on their hype. One of the most popular of these shows is One Punch Man, which follows a hapless artist with the ability to defeat anyone with just one punch. This hyper-sensationalized action series is also chock full of funny dialogue.

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