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Vintage Valentine Printable Snowman

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Vintage Valentine Printable Snowman with a little girl is probably one of my favorite cards that I have collected over the years. This is one of the few Valentine cards that I have that has snow in it.

Considering where I live Valentine's Day is always cold with snow on the ground I am drawn to the charm of this card that recognizes it's cold outside during the day of love.

This is another one of my cards that was printed in German sometime in the 1920's.

German cards were considered to be the best due to the quality of their printing and the charm of the images.

This bashful little girl with a muff and winter bonnet is being offered a Valentine from a Snowman who is wearing a top hat and has a broom. (I'm not too sure why the broom is there.)

Vintage Valentine Printable Snowman PDF

Print off Vintage Valentine Snowman PDF onto card stock. If you are just using the image as a tag on a gift then you could print it on regular paper but it will be fragile. (If you are planning to print off cards on a regular basis then buying card stock is a great investment. It is surprisingly cheap and one you have it on hand you will find numerous uses for it.)

With a good pair of paper scissors carefully trim around the edge of the image. (Dull scissors will pinch the paper causing it to curl in one direction or another and will not give a clean edge to the Valentine).

It is easier to hold the scissors in one place and turn the paper than maneuvering the scissors around the Valentine. 

If you want the Valentine to stand up right then just cut a small strip of card stock, bend the top inch and glue that to the back of the image.

It will made a little stand that will keep your Valentine upright.

It always surprises me how these Valentines that are almost 100 years old were kept in such good shape.

These look delightful as small displays on counters, shelves and mantles along with other Valentine inspired items such as heart shaped boxes, red candles or bowls of red candies.

Add this sweet Vintage Valentine Printable Snowman to a chocolate bar that is wrapped in red or white gift wrap and you have a charming little gift.

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