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Valentine Kiss Card Printable

 Your Perfect Valentine's Day Starts Here. From breakfast in bed to great inexpensive gifts for your sweetie, get the advice you need to have a fabulous Valentine's Day!

A Valentine Kiss Card Printable because sometimes it's just all in the packaging!

Finish up your Valentine's Day gift to your sweetie with these tags and cards to let them know exactly what is on your mind! (Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss!)

A lipstick kiss with the line Be Mine placed on your gift is a great way to brighten up a Valentine's Day gift.

Valentine Kiss Card Printable PDFs

I designed these tags and cards so you could use them as a set or just individually. 

Get ready to  pucker up for Valentine's Day. 

There are two sizes of the Be Mine card, a small one which is 4" by 2 3/4" and a larger one that is 5"by 3 3/4".

Print off  Be Mine Valentine Card PDF on card stock and cut along the dotted lines. With a bone folder score on the  light grey dotted line and then fold on this line to get a nice crisp fold.

You can write whatever your heart desires on the inside be it something a bit racy or just a simple "To My Love".

There are small and medium tags to chose from.  The sizes are 6 3/4" by 4 1/2"and 4" by 2 3/4".

Be Mine Valentine Tags.pdf

Cut to the inside of the dashed edge so your final tag will not have any print on it. You could either  write on the back, punch a hole in the corner of the tag and tie it to your gift or you could glue the tag onto your gift as a label.

It is better if you print this off on card stock but if you don't have any then print it off on regular printer paper and then add another layer of printer paper the same size glued to the back of your tag. Don't add too much glue as it will wrinkle the paper.

I paired these tags with gift wrap paper that was almost the same shade of red and it makes for a great visual. The simple white bow was placed on first and then the tag was glued over top of it.

This is a great pairing of kisses, the card and then the tag glued to the gift.

And remember,  happiness is like a kiss - your have to share it to enjoy it!

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