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Using Up Ribbon Scraps

Scraps of ribbon are truly worth saving! 

Little gifts have their own charm because as everyone knows "good things come in small packages". While sometime you might be tempted to just pop it into a gift bag wrapping it up specially will really be appreciated.

I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to holding onto to ribbons, almost no length is too short for me to keep. (The same with little bits of wrapping paper, even small strips I keep because I know I can use them later.) And I never seem to run out of places for using up ribbon scraps.

I also have a reputation of wrapping up almost anything... when I buy a small treat I like to make it special, no matter how ordinary it might be, so my family and friends have received everything from chocolate bars to cereal boxes beautifully wrapped. (The cereal was because they lamented that they couldn't find their favorite specialty brand anymore and I came across some).

I was also luck to be able to buy 250 small flat pack boxes at a garage sale many years ago. They are the perfect size for small gifts and I am down to about a dozen of them.

Using Up Ribbon Scraps on Small Gifts!

I keep small bits of ribbon even though they might not be long enough to make a bow from just wrapping a ribbon around a box makes it look great, especially if the ribbon is very fancy. It is as simple as wrapping the ribbon around the gift and taping it in the back.

Here I used a red ribbon that had a bead edge on a red box and added a gold seal in the middle. I tucked a small thank you card underneath the ribbon and tada! (For free printable Thank You card go HERE.)

If you do have just enough ribbon to make a small bow but not enough to wrap the ribbon around the gift, then think about placing the bow in the corner of the gift! (Learn how to make bows HERE.)

Even a scrap of just 4 inches of ribbon can be used as a bow when you punch two holes on the top of a bag and pull the ribbon through! 

Even a smaller scrap of ribbon is enough to tie at the end of these Candy and Nut bags! (See how to make them HERE).

I am always on the look out for lovely ribbons, I will often get fabulous ones on sale after the major holidays. Red, gold, silver ribbon is not seasonal, it can be used through out the year!

Any ribbon that is made of fabric can be easily washed and iron (yes that does sound a bit obsessive but a beautiful ribbon should be saved!) Just make sure that it is made from a fabric and will not melt under the heat of the iron.

I will wash ribbons just with a bit of dish soap and then pull it though my fingers to flatten any creases it has when it is still wet. When it is still a bit damp I will iron it on a medium heat. 

If you don't think the ribbon that you have can take any heat then dampen it and place it between two heavy books. Make sure that the ribbon is not bleeding any color and does not damage your books.

I would like to brag that I keep all my bits and pieces of ribbon nicely wound up in a special box but as you can see from the photo above that would be a lie. I rather enjoy digging through my box of treasures seeing what I can find. (My ribbons that I have bought on rolls are properly stored.)

I think it is fair to say that I love adding a bit of ribbon to almost anything!