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Tragic stories are often described as stories that have a tragic hero who has faced the worst odds and yet managed to survive. These stories usually involve a hero who has experienced dark acts and experiences that seal his fate. In many cases, the tragic hero has felt the closing forces around him and lives in fear of what will happen. Ultimately, the hero suffers a gruesome death at the hands of his enemies. While the sad hero doesn’t seem to mourn his death, the darkness around him disappears, leaving behind the tragic hero who is left.

Fall of the House of Usher

The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe is a classic Gothic horror novel. The plot revolves around twin siblings Roderick and Madeline Usher. The twins are the last survivors of the Usher family. Madeline has been ill for many years and is expected to die soon. Despite his sister’s illness, Roderick suffers from deep melancholy. When he learns that his twin sister is dying, he is in an irrational state of despair.

The novel’s title carries a double meaning: it reflects the fall of the Usher family’s brick house and the reflection of its ruined ruins in a lake. The plot of the Mad Trist parallels the situation of Roderick and Madeline. A critical crack links their fates. Their death means their ultimate reunion in the next life. Ultimately, the House of Usher will fall, allowing their spirits to be united and live in pure spirituality finally.

Roderick’s illness affects his ability to feel or smell things. His five senses are significantly altered. He can only stand bland food and few textiles. His sense of touch is affected, and he cannot stand most music or most stringed instruments. The unnamed narrator visits the Usher family estate after hearing Roderick’s letter and trying to find rational explanations for the strange happenings.

The House of Usher is also symbolic of the mind. It is important to note that Sigmund Freud was not the first to suggest that our conscious minds hide and repress unconscious feelings. As a result, the Usher family’s crumbling house is the most critical symbol in the story. It represents the dying Usher family and the decaying house. Another important symbol is the grey wall—the Silent Tarn.

The House of Usher is a classic example of Poe’s “arabesque” style. Poe describes the house as “eye-like” and the family as “human.” Because of its use of language, the book conveys an air of evil. Several key characters in the novel, such as Madeline and Roderick, stir up feelings of dread. The story is an example of Poe’s use of the word “house” metaphorically and describing the physical house of Usher.

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Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights is arguably the most bizarre story ever written. This classic novel centers on the deaths of several important characters, including the narrator, Heathcliff. It also features several weird characters, including Linton Heathcliff, who lives with his mother in the south of England. He is later discovered by Cathy Linton, a young woman who has come to resemble his father. After Isabella’s death, Linton is forced to live with Heathcliff and Cathy’s wife. When Linton learns about his father’s death, he marries Cathy Linton, who is now the mother of his son, and then dies of a wasting illness associated with tuberculosis. Another character, Joseph, lives with Heathcliff for 60 years, hating everyone.

The novel is written in gothic style, which focuses on mysterious elements in dark settings. It also frequently features doubles, such as Linton and Edgar, and comprises two separate stories. The second half of Wuthering Heights contains 17 chapters of the novel, one for each level. This storytelling style is popular in the British literary scene because it evokes the feeling of a dark, dingy house.

Emily Bronte’s novel is often regarded as one of the greatest tragedies in literature. The story is a masterpiece of imagination and has heavy social relevance. While the novel occurs during the mid-19th century, it speaks to every generation since its first publication. Although some people may think Wuthering Heights is just a sad love story, it is still a powerful and affecting novel that speaks to many readers and inspires thoughtful discussion.

The novel has shocked Victorian critics because of its portrayal of abusive families. While this story is set in a harsh and vicious world, it is still remarkably accurate and profoundly moving about the emotional dynamics that lead to such a life. Wuthering Heights is a masterfully crafted nightmare that is incredibly affecting. Wuthering Heights is one of the most profoundly moving novels ever written.

Brokeback Mountain

The film “Brokeback Mountain” is a sad movie that is far more powerful than its content. Though the story is about a gay couple, it deals with issues of homophobia, destruction, and tragedy. While it is not a homophobic film, many people think that it lacks a subversive message or does not go far enough in its quest to fight against the culture.

The plot of Brokeback Mountain is a classic tale of a love triangle in 1960s Wyoming. Based on a short story by Annie Proulx, the film is best known for its raw performances. Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal play Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist, two wildly different men who fall in love. The story spans 20 years and pays close attention to these men’s deceived wives, confused parents, and children.

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While the film has won several awards and has been highly praised for its honesty and realism, it ultimately lost the best picture Oscar to Crash. Many Academy members today would vote Brokeback Mountain over Crash in this year’s Oscars. However, the film has left an indelible mark on the world. That makes it one of the most influential movies of all time.

While “Brokeback Mountain” won several awards, it has remained one of the most beloved films of the early 21st century. Both Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal delivered career-high performances. While it didn’t win the Oscar for Best Picture, it has been recognized as a landmark in queer cinema and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.

Although it was banned in the People’s Republic of China, Brokeback Mountain has enjoyed a resounding run in Taiwan. The film made more than US$1 million there, despite its controversial content. Although many viewers disagree with the film’s sex scenes, critics have praised it for its honesty. Ang Lee’s film made the story more compelling than many other films.


The most tragic story in fiction is “Lost,” by Jack Kerouac. The main character, John Locke, is a wretched orphan who meets his birth father, a con man who deceives him into stealing his kidney. John attempts to keep his father from hurting people but is instead pushed out of an eighth-floor window. The fall leaves him paralyzed. He spends four years in a wheelchair.

It may seem impossible for a group of teenagers to look as good as K-pop stars. What are their secrets to looking so good? What beauty treatments do they undergo? What about bullies? Tattoos?… and how do they get such perfect bodies? Find out from this article! We’ll also look at what’s happening with bullies and tattoos in Korea. There’s no shortage of stories about these issues.

k-pop idols

You’re not alone if you’re wondering how k-pop idols can look flawless even without makeup. These celebrities go through rigorous workouts and eat rigid diets to achieve a beautiful body. Here are a few tips on how they do it. Let’s start with the boys. Male idols rarely appear without shoe lifts. Fans know to look for them.

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The K-pop factory system is similar to a real-life Hunger Games, where young performers are pushed to their limits. They go through rigorous training and must sacrifice communication with friends and family. Often, they are forced to abandon all unhealthy behavior to fit into the mold of a successful idol. In addition, the K-pop industry is notorious for its craze for plastic surgery, so models are subjected to intense scrutiny.

It’s not enough that idols are naturally thin. To maintain their flawless appearance, they undergo several cosmetic procedures. Some undergo laser treatments every two weeks and lift lasers every three months. Other popular designs include body and jaw Botox injections every six months and skin booster injections when needed. This treatment can be expensive, but it’s worth it for its flawless appearance. For a perfect chiseled jaw, consider the V-Line Package.

Although some K-pop idols have no makeup on, most look gorgeous without it. Their flawless skin is a secret to the youthful look that we’ve come to love. They always look young and pretty even though most of them use makeup. While this is true, many fans wonder what it’s like to see K-pop idols without makeup. So, here are some tips to keep in mind while looking at your favorite K-pop idol.

Beauty treatments

You’ve probably wondered how K-pop idols can look so good. They’re so popular that their appearance has become a standard for the general population. These six K-pop stars have inspired plastic surgery procedures for their fans. But did you know that the stars themselves aren’t the only ones who go under the knife to look their best? Here’s a closer look at their beauty secrets.

These idols undergo a plethora of procedures to look their best. They’re constantly getting skin laser treatments every 1-2 weeks, lifting lasers every three months, and botox injections for their jaw and body. They also get a skin booster injection every six months or so. If you’re wondering how these idols can look so good, you need to look at their skin-care regime.

One of the most famous exports of K-beauty is the craze for dewy skin. It shatters the conditioning that made shine a curse and celebrates the skin’s natural sheen. Hong is a fan of a serum spray, which lays on a dewy finish in just two ticks. Hong also uses S-O-C’s facial cream, a Korean product with a unique formula to make the skin look dewy.

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Another cosmetic procedure that the idols use to look flawless is Dermatoxin, also known as Skin Botox. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines by tightening the top layer of the skin. It also removes toxins and makes the skin look smooth and precise. The result of Dermatoxin treatment is dramatic and noticeable. This treatment can be expensive but is definitely worth the money.


If you have ever wondered how K-pop stars manage to look so perfect, you are not alone. There is a strong societal expectation for them to be picture-perfect. In South Korea, a recent bill was discussed that would help educate young people about cyber-bullying. The statement is not entirely clear yet, but there could be some positive change if it passes. But for now, we can ask ourselves: How do they get away with this?

According to Shin Gi-wook, a professor of sociology at Stanford University, women in Korea place a high value on having the “right specs,” which means being attractive and excelling in homemaking. Because the pressure is so high, the perfect woman becomes the center of gossip. As a result, Korean women are subjected to even greater scrutiny. This pressure intensifies with the growth of sex media in the region.

Kang Daniel, a former member of Wanna One, has been a subject of intense scrutiny from fans for getting too much attention. He is also the most prominent member of the group. His relationship with Jihyo, a rookie, was also a source of criticism. But he has remained beautiful despite the intense scrutiny. While we cannot compare K-pop to North-American pop stars, we can admire how they look.

The beauty standards of K-pop stars have become so stringent that several leading celebrities have committed suicide. It is not likely to slow down until adequate mental health care. Many stereotypes surrounding K-pop are still in effect, and the culture will continue until the extreme fans are the minority. And while this is not the case, the pressure is still there. A common misconception is that male performer are supposed to be photo-perfect, but the reality is quite different.


Tattoos aren’t just for show–K-Pop idols are often tatted-up. Having body art is an expression of individuality, and many K-Pop fans get tattoos honoring their favorite groups. In a recent interview with E! News, Jay Park admitted that he was a fan of tattoos and had several. While the tattoo industry is still considered controversial in Korea, more idols are getting body art.

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Many of the biggest stars of K-pop have a tattoo on their bodies, making their looks all the more stunning. Tattoos on the arms, back, and legs give their bodies a unique look. Some K-Pop stars even go so far as to have tattoos on their faces and body parts, and a few are very intricate and detailed. Listed below are some examples of tattoos on K-pop stars.

Many celebrities cover their tattoos, especially on mainstream television. Jungkook had his tattoos covered with long-sleeved shirts and bandages during a recent KBS talk show. But despite the controversy surrounding tattoos, South Korean law still requires tattoo artists to work underground. Hongdam’s tattoo studio is located in a secretive office building with no visible signage. You’d never know it’s there unless you know someone.

While tattoos may be considered a form of rebellion in South Korea, many K-pop idols have them on their bodies. Some of them flaunt their body art on social media, and many female heroes have them. In the meantime, many K-Pop idols have tattoos of meaningful meaning. This includes odes to their favorite songs, members, or moments. While most K-pop stars hide their tattoos on their faces, several female idols have their name and the BTS ARMY logo inked on their arms.


The popularity of K-pop music has spawned several mental health issues in fans, from eating disorders to suicide. The high self-esteem of K-pop stars has given rise to unrealistic standards of beauty, which are trickling down to the public in countries like South Korea. Young fans of K-pop may compare themselves to their idols, leading to unhealthy comparisons, eating disorders, and over-exercising.

Various studies have examined the self-esteem of K-pop artists, from famous singers to unknowns. One study focused on the singer Alexa, who recently won the American Song Contest. Her fans approach her for advice because of her background. Growing up in a minority town, Alexa moved to Seoul when she was just sixteen years old, and Koreans recognized her as a biracial Korean singer, even though she spoke no Korean.

Despite their appearance, k-pop stars often claim they are not attractive or worthy of the attention they receive. This behavior may make fans feel insecure, even if they’re only pretending to be cute or beautiful. But their modesty only serves to stoke the fire of fan-induced insecurity. K-pop stars’ fans develop unrealistic expectations and unrealistic self-esteem in the process.

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