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The Fabulous French Chateau Vloggers

Sooo... whatcha watching? I need something to escape to while our family self isolates.

Lucky about 4 years ago I started to watch an fabulous British show called "Escape to the Chateau". It followed two Brits, Dick and Angel Strawbridge, who with their two very young children, moved to France to live in a run down chateau that looked like a castle. It had it's own moat, towers, fabulous (but almost derelict) rooms, acres of land and an air of magic about it.

The British series followed them as they made their chateau into a beautiful event property where they hosted weddings.

It is an amazing series and if you live in Canada you can watch "Escape to the Chateau" for free on CBC Gem. Unfortunatley I don't know where you can watch it otherwise... But the good news is that there are other ex-pat British chateau owners that you can follow on Youtube!

The spin off series "Escape to the Chateau DIY" found more people that were buying and fixing up French chateaus and three of these people have really great vlogs that I have been following for months now.

Stephanie Jarvis is the chatelaine of Chateau de La Lande which is situated in the heart of France. Her vlog  "The Chateau Dairies" is an amazing romp of real life characters who live and work at the chateau!

She has well over 100 posts which makes this a wonderful binge watching experience. Find out how she bought the chateau at the age of 29 as a derelict building and how she is fixing it up as she runs her business from it!

New to vlogging, Michael Petherick is brother to one of the owners of the amazing Chateau de la Baismagnee. Michael and the rest of their family now live there and Michael's vlog is a fun peak into their lives as they fix it up. Michael is friends with Stephanie Jarvis and they appear in each others videos.

Handsome, charming and funny he is nicknamed The Talented Mr. Petherick and is a joy to watch!

Phil and Angelina have the vlog "Chateau Life" where they let you see what they are doing with the Chateau du Bailleul.

Phil does not believe in letting anything go to waste so he is always using whatever he has on hand to fix up this gorgeous 18th century chateau. Angelina is doing a host of DIYs and gardening to make the place look amazing.

Let me know what fun escapist things you are watching on Youtube. Like everyone else I am on the lookout for something fun and entertaining as we work our way through self isolation. Take care.