The Best Way to Upgrade Your Archer Tower to TH9

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As a TH9, you will receive a second Archer Tower, so it’s best to upgrade it to level 7. It would help if you boosted this because it adds to the base’s overall strength. At lower levels, defenses get the most considerable DPS increase. You may also be able to pair this with a TH8 in a war. TH9s may also pair with TH8s in a fight.


The Archer Queen is the most crucial character in TH9, and you should immediately upgrade her to Level 2. At Level 5, she should be equipped with the Royal Cloak ability. It would help if you also balanced her Dark Troops and Dark Elixir. Then, push towards Level 15 to be the best Archer Queen. However, it would help if you kept in mind that she requires 6,000,000 E to the max. This makes her a significant investment, especially if you’re aiming for low-to-mid-level TH9 attack strategies.

Once you’ve upgraded all of the walls, you’ll need to upgrade your Core Wall to Level 9. This will help you when you reach Level 10 of the Core Wall. As you upgrade your Core Wall, you’ll want to add more traps and bombs to your base. You’ll be well-positioned to make your enemies’ lives difficult by completing these upgrades. However, you should know that upgrading your Core Wall is not a very cheap project.


Upgrading your Town Hall is the key to getting the most significant advantage in wars. You will notice that each base has its weight, determining how you will match up against your opponent. This guide will discuss the best way to upgrade your Town Hall to TH10 and what you need to focus on. In addition, we will discuss which building to upgrade first – defense or offense.


As a TH9 player, you have several options to maximize your building and defense. Capped defense towers are extremely useful in war, but they’re not as helpful in war league as TH11 and TH12. Understanding the differences between these three strategies is essential, as they’re not meant to replace each other. However, both have their advantages.

At TH9, the archer queen and barbarian king are the highest-level heroes. You can upgrade these two heroes to level 40. You’ll need 175000 dark elixirs to get the level 40 queen, which costs around $170. At TH11, you’ll have a Barbarian King level 50 and an Archer Queen level 70.

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TH9 marks the beginning of heavy DE grinding. While income isn’t too high, it doubles at TH10. So it’s a waste to max out at TH9 when loot is much better at TH10.

TH13 trophies

When building a TH13 trophy base, you should prioritize troop safety. Place the buildings you want to protect inside the clan’s boundaries. Add anti-war towers and fire defense links to ensure your clan’s safety. In addition, advanced troops are a good choice for defense. And don’t forget about mortars. They can also deal with the extra damage given to troops. All of these features make your protection unique and more advanced.

You can also use a Trophy Base to protect your trophies and resources. Its large compartments and dead zones make it an excellent option to defend your Dark Elixir. The Trophy Base also looks compact. I used it to protect trophies and other resources, and it resisted TH9 attacks. In addition, it can be an excellent base for a TH9 trophy push.

TH9 upgrade order

Town Hall 9 is a new level, and you’re probably excited about the potential of all the new upgrades that you’ll be able to get. On day one, the first step in upgrading your TH9 town hall is to upgrade the offensive buildings – your laboratory, scout towers, and hero buildings. Besides, the upgrades to the laboratory will allow you to use the new troop and spell upgrades available for Town Hall 9.

Next on your list should be the defensive upgrade. Having a high-level golem is crucial for most th9 attacks, including mobs and hounds. However, upgrading these units first isn’t necessary if you’re a low-to-mid TH9 builder since they’ll need to upgrade them over time. You can upgrade them as you play, but you should start with the simplest and most effective ones.

TH9 trophies

The Trophy Bass is a hybrid base for TH9. It protects your resources while pushing the trophy count up. It has large compartments and dead zones to protect your resources. Although it is a hybrid base, it is still effective in pushing up your trophy count. It can also help you protect your resources if you try to reach the maximum levels of everything with a TH9.

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When maxing your TH9, you must improve your defenses. This can be done by upgrading your TH9 defenses to the TH8 maximum level. This will cost you around 1,300,000 G and take a whole day. The goal of maxing the security is to send four skeletons from each trap onto the enemy’s troops to create a state of chaos.

TH9 upgrades

The TH9 upgrades are not as tricky as they may seem. Instead, it would help if you were building a new base and upgrading all your existing walls to Level 8. Then, upgrade the Core Wall to Level 9 and continue creating. This will give you an advantage when upgrading the Core Wall to Level 10. It would help if you also built additional traps and bombs to hinder the enemy’s progress and make them take longer to kill you.

The Golem is the most common TH9 war attack and costs 80,000 DE. If you don’t plan on using a Golem, try upgrading the Golems instead. They are instrumental and can deal massive amounts of damage. It would help if you upgraded these units twice to max them. The second level costs 70,000 DE and takes ten days. Once you’re at max level, your Golem will be even more effective.

TH9 army camps

When playing TH9, the best strategy for building your base is to combine farming and war bases. The latter has a core that protects your storage and Town Hall, while the former has an offset layout that slows down and entices attacking troops away from the body. Using the latter, you can also place war base compartments to confuse the attacking AI. All of these options can help you to build an extremely effective base.

The Archer Queen is one of the essential characters in the game. When you reach TH9, you should upgrade the Archer Queen to Level 2 and get her Royal Cloak ability. Then, balance your Dark Troops with Dark Elixir and push to Level 15.

TH9 dark barracks

TH9 players looking to dominate the game can try to max out their defenses and summon witches. Witches are level 2 troops and can take out most of the TH9s. If you haven’t yet maxed out your defenses, I highly suggest that you do so right away. Unlike Level 1 troops, Witches will summon two extra troops, which can be a significant advantage against enemy troops.

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The second tier of the base turns to gold and copper, while the ax on the first tier is replaced by a pair of skulls representing the Witch’s staff. The roof is the same as before but now has a couple of wings extending from the left side of the base. The base also starts to lava, and when leveled up, you can see the lava around some of the corners.

The ideal army composition is one of Barbarians and Archers. It only requires 200k combined resources and can train two Barracks each. Using two Barracks is the best way to gather elixir, but raiding often can provide you with a lot without spending a lot of resources. A Barbarian and Archer army will seek out complete storage collectors and not take much damage.


A GoVaHo army composition for TH8 is based around a good starting side, high-level Valks, and a Hog Rider. A good starting side gives your Archer Queen and bows access to a core compartment and a DBG. These troop types make up 50% of your success rate. You risk losing your Archer Queen and bumps if you’re starting on the wrong side.

GoVaHo is the best attack strategy for TH8. It uses Dark Elixir, but only during war attacks. Its attack speed is lightning fast, and its Golems act as a tank while the Valkyries and Hog Rider muck out the rest of the base. With this composition, you can quickly get three stars in multiplayer battles and clan wars.

The last tip I have for you is to use healing spells to reduce the cost of your army. They can also help you cut down on elixir. For TH8 and 9, marching with heal spells is a great farming technique. You can also join the witch event to gain 300 XP and 30 gems. To get these rewards, use at least four witches.

If your Goblin army has plenty of space, consider using two giants. They’re great for clearing junk buildings and pathing your goblins to the core. Some players back these troops up with archers. It’s up to you which strategy you choose. This is a good start for your GoVaHo army composition for TH8. But make sure to play them in the most strategic location you can afford.

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Despite its simplicity, this strategy can prove effective against the TH8 base. In addition to Golems, you can use a wizard to lure out enemy ccs. As long as you have some air defense, your Golems can keep you off guard. The TH8 base will not be safe from your mass drags. A few Golems and a Hog Rider can cause trouble for your opponent.

A GoVaHo army composition for TH8 is a good choice if your goal is to get three stars. Its cheap and versatile build makes it a good choice for beginners. Although it can be hard to manage, GoWiPe will improve with practice. Remember that you must have at least two golems, a barb king and a Pekka.


If you’re looking for a new army composition for TH 8, you might want to consider a DragLoon. This dragon-based army is versatile and focuses on taking out enemy air defense. Most attacks with DragLoons end with three stars when they destroy an enemy air defense. If you fail to do this, you’ll have two or one-star episodes. You might also consider dropping the dragon to make room for a new unit.

Dragons can act as a defensive force against air defenses. However, their speed limits their attacks, so it’s best to have at least a few. A single dragon can get smashed by an air defense, so it’s best to have a group. Dragons can also act as shields to block an opponent’s air defense. Advanced DragLoon players can also substitute a dragon for another troop type.

The dragon has the most potent attack of any TH7 army regarding army composition. Unlike the other dragon types, dragons can 3-star almost any TH7, TH6, or TH8 base. The dragon army composition for TH8 involves 10 level 2 dragons and a Barbarian King. If you’re playing on weaker TH7 ground, level 1 dragons may work. If you’re playing on a more challenging TH7 base, you’ll need to replace your barbarian king with a level 5 hero.

Having a dragon army composition is one of the most basic tactics in Clash of Clans. Dragons can be used in multiplayer battles or clan wars like the Mass Dragons attack strategy. They’re also helpful when attacking TH8 bases with weak air defenses and sweepers. The dragon is an excellent army composition for clan warfare and farming.

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One of the best attacking strategies for DragLoon is the Queen Charge. This attack style is excellent for clan wars and multiplayer battles and uses Archer Queen, healers, and balloons. This attack style allows the Queen to execute quick corner takedowns while the dragons annihilate the remaining base. If you are not careful, your DragLoon army will never be able to get a two-star rating.

You can get three stars with GoWiPe on low to mid TH8 and most TH9. This army composition can be tricky at first, but it gets easier. The main goal is to get three stars in a clan war and multiplayer with this army composition. The golems and barb king will provide you with plenty of attack power. Be careful with the Pekka, though, as he will probably get killed easily!


Are they considering a GoWiVa army composition? The essential elements are the same as those of the GoWiPe army composition, but the Golem and Wizard units are replaced with Valkyries. These units work well in most Town Hall 8 bases. For this GoWiVa army composition, you need level 5 troops and spells, maxed Army Camps, 2 Golems, 2 Wizards, 6 Wall Breakers, and 1 Rage Spell.

The growing attacks are excellent for TH8s, and their basic form is also suitable for TH9/10s. They have more giant camps and additional spells and can reliably win one or two stars. This army composition may suit you if you are a new to mid-level TH 8 player. The trick is to funnel your troops with experience and quick steps. In the long run, it will pay off.

While Gola is better for late-game play, the GoWiVa is not as reliable against late-game bases. A TH9 or TH10 wall will slow the Valks down, but a TH9 or ten floors can withstand the wall and still be a top-tier opponent. Hence, if you’re a newbie in TH8, GoVa should be your first choice.

A GoWiVa army composition for a Town Hall 8 is arguably better than GoWiPe army composition. It’s also one of the best attacking strategies in CoC at TH 8. Using golems, wizards, valkyries, and archers is a winning formula for most players. But it’s important to note that you should build a balanced army to prevent any single unit from ruining the game.

The most effective combo of GoWiVa troops is a dragon attack. This army composition will get you three stars on low to mid-TH8 and two stars on most TH9s. Initially, it will seem difficult to use, but you’ll master this army composition with practice. A GoWiPe army composition consists of 2 golems, a barb king and a Pekka. When you build this army composition, make sure to drop a barb king and a Pekka at the same place. Once you drop the barb king, your pekkas must break the first line of walls.

In addition to the Valkyrie and Wizard, the GoWiPe army also has miscellaneous troops. Archers will increase the chip percentage and draw out clan castle troops. Wall breakers and hogs can also help you lure clan castle troops. If you can bring in all three soldiers, you should be fine. If not, go ahead with 3 Valkyrie and 1 Archer for a GoWiVa army composition.

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