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Thanksgiving Table Ideas 2018

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Thanksgiving Table Ideas 2018

Here is my Thanksgiving Table Ideas 2018! The following are tips I use to set a great table.

One of the tricks of setting a spectacular table is that you need to repeat colors through out the setting and the room.  Here I started with the color orange, which is in the wreath, the two branch arrangements on either side of the wreath and the bright vibrant table cloth. 

The wreath I made by using a 36 inch wire wreath form and wrapping 3 leaf garlands around it. This way I can easily unwind the garlands and reuse the form for something else later. I took some branches from the backyard and placed them in matching vase, I took a few leaves off the garlands and just placed them on the ends of some of the branches. Again, this was quick and easy and not permanent. 

  • Wreaths from the stores can be expensive. Make your own wreaths by buying wire wreath forms and on sale garlands, the wreath forms can be reused at Christmas.

This table cloth is actually a piece of fabric I found in a charity shop. It felt like cotton and I suspect it is upholstery fabric. When I brought it home I did the burn test outside in my backyard. I clipped a small sample off the corner and I set the sample on fire. It burnt quickly and smelt like wood smoke and left a delicate ash so I knew that it was made from natural fiber (polyester smell chemically when it burns and leaves a melted lump instead of ash).

  • If you can't find a tablecloth in the color that you want then measure your table and go to a fabric store and look for upholstery fabric or other fabric that is 54 inches or wider.  Hem the ends on your sewing machine or fold over twice and iron well and hand sew.

If you have beautiful silver ware then use it. There is nothing sadder than beautiful things that never get taken out and used. If you dread cleaning your silver ware then you don't know about Twinkle Silver Cleaner. As an antique dealer I used it constantly and I never found anything better. DO NOT try at home methods of soaking it in aluminium and baking soda or any of the other rubbishy advice your get. It makes your silver look like tin and doesn't actually clean it. (I do get a small fee for promoting this product but I promote because it works).

Twinkle Silver Polish Kit 2 Pack(124g)

The days of needing matching glassware on your table have long gone. People are much more casual. I love to collect vintage and antique etched glasses and they are surprisingly cheap! The trick is to always look for odd numbered glasses. Everyone is looking for 4, 6 or 8 matching glasses while I will happily buy 5 and only set out 4 on the table! If I need 6 glasses then I just use 2 extra glasses from a different set or I will use two sets of 3 glasses and alternate them on the table.

  • Look for beautiful glass ware in thrift shops, charity shops and antique malls. Happily mix and match them on your table.

This is probably the easiest center piece you will ever make for you thanksgiving table. Take an oval platter, place gourds around the outside, place a medium size pumpkin in the middle and tuck in the heads of dried flowers like Strawflowers and Statice. If you con't get dried flowers you can either leave them out or you could use dried leaves.

This type of arrangement is ideal if you have a guest that has allergies to live flowers.

  • Don't think that you need flowers as a center piece. Seasonal fruit or vegetables piled on a platter looks great and is very appropriate for a Thanksgiving table.

I always add place cards to the table when I am entertaining, even casually. It adds a sense of occasion and it really does help make a dinner party more entertaining by making sure you mix up the people so the quiet ones don't sit off by themselves. This is a goofy little card that I designed to be more playful. You can find the free printable of it HERE.

If you prefer to have the more traditional turkey place card I have a free printable HERE .

  • Use place cards. They add some extra color to the table and stop that awkward moment when people gather to the table and are not too sure where they should sit.

I like using interesting quirky containers and plates that I have collected over the years for the condiments on the table. I will use them for different types of mustard, pickles, spreads and olives. They add a bit of fun. I also use these in my summer entertaining.

  • Your serving dishes don't have to match. You can have a lot of fun with quirky serving pieces.

I always set up my table the day before, I have learned from the past that things never run as smoothly as I think they will on the day of Thanksgiving (sick dogs, flat tires, broken pipes) so I get this one thing out of the way. It also enjoy looking at the table as we bustle around trying to get the dinner ready for our guests. So my final tip for you is...

  • Set up the table the day before so you know that if you have any disasters it will be one less thing for you to worry about!

I hope you have enjoyed my Thanksgiving Table Ideas 2018!