Thanksgiving Place Card Printable Turkey

A Thanksgiving Place Card printable turkey image sets the mood for a Thanksgiving Feast. This Thanksgiving place card features a rather saucy looking antique turkey.

The bright colors of the turkey can be mimicked throughout your tablescape.  The original image for this turkey was from a postcard from about 1910. 

Print out the cards, cut and fold and you are done.

Thanksgiving Place Card Printable Turkey Tutorial

Place cards are the perfect way to make your guest feel comfortable at that awkward moment when everyone is called to the table and they are wondering where they should sit.

Traditionally the setting around the table is boy, girl, boy, girl but if you don't have an even number of guests or you know that your guest would feel better sitting beside a specific person than you can ignore this rule.

Place the place card either on the plate or just above the plate, it just needs to be easily seen.

You can either hand write each person's name on the card or open the Pdf in a Word file and place a text box in each place card and use what ever font you think is appropriate. I personally like using Edwardian Font as it looks close to script and is easy to read.

Download the

Thanksgiving Place Cards Printable.pdf

There are four cards on each page. 

Print them out on card stock or a good quality heavy paper like artist paper. Cut along the outside dotted lines then fold on the middle line. 

You will get a nice fold if you first score the dotted middle line with a dull edge like a bone folder or the back of a table knife before you fold it.

Make sure you do not cut along the middle line unless you want to have a single sided place card that you would put in a place card holder.

If you are in a rush and just don't have any card stock or heavier paper you can print these place cards on regular printer paper and glue a second sheet of plain paper behind it before you cut it. With two sheets of paper the place card will be a bit stronger and look better.

Make these ahead of time so all you will have to do is decide who will sit where. Thanksgiving place cards will make your table look more sophisticated and put your guests at ease.

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