Storage Box from Tissue Box

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Storage box from tissue box with this easy tutorial. We seem always to be on the look out for stylish little storage boxes that will help us organize our lives. 

This happy little container is made from a tissue box that had a modern bright pattern on it.

Many tissue boxes are made with a high grade board that is slightly waxed to resist soiling which makes it ideal for storage.

With a lid made from card stock no one would guess how it started it's life. 

Easy to make and useful you will find that you are eyeing how much tissue is left in the boxes in your home so you can make another one.

Make Storage Box From Tissue Box Tutorial

This box was made from a standard size tissue box. 

Take one clean empty tissue box and remove the plastic top liner if there is one. With a pair of scissors cut the top on an angle to each corner.

Push the cut upper pieces into the box and tape them down. This will make the box sturdy and give an nice edge on the top.

I used a piece of brightly colored card stock to line the inside of the box. Measure the inside height and subtract about a 1/4 inch. You want this peice to be longer than the side so it will wrap onto either end. This will make the box stronger and not leave any gaps between the inside side and end. Using a glue stick glue the side piece in and repeat on the other side.

Cut a piece that will fit snugly in the bottom and glue in. Cut two pieces that will fit on either end. Glue them in.

To make the top lid take a piece of card stock and center the box on it. Draw around the base of the box to make the dimensions you need for the lid top.

Draw a line 3/4 inch around the lid top and then on the sides draw another line 1/4 inch. Cut the excess card stock past this line on either side.

Score and fold over  all these lines.

Glue down the 1/4 inch folds on either side.

On the ends cut tabs as shown.

Pull up the tabs and glue them to the end pieces.

Then glue down the end flaps. You might have to clamp these for a while to make sure that they stick. When they are dry the lid to your box is finished. You can complete the box by gluing another piece of card to the outside bottom if you want to cover any printing.

Because you can often buy tissue at greatly reduced prices when they have seasonal images on them you can score a great deal on tissue and use the box to make seasonal gift boxes and storage boxes.

Storage box from tissue box, easy and fast to make.

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