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Social Climbing for Fun and Profit

Social Climbing for Fun and Profit sounds like something you would read in a magazine from decades ago but people still social climb, it's just sometimes called it by another name, networking.

In an era when social statues was much more important than it is today, social climbing was a method of moving through layers of etiquette and family backgrounds so you could rub shoulders with the movers and shakers.

Education, wealth, reputation, political clout, health and class where the hallmarks of a socially prominent family and social climbers aspired to know them and be more like them.

Nowadays social climbing doesn't necessarily mean that you want to look down your nose at the hoi polloi while chumming around with the descendants of the Mayflower.

Fame and glamour has overtaken class as something people want to be associated with, in modern times fame often also means money. Quite frankly, famous people with money tend to be more interesting as they have the access to do more interesting things.

So dust off your social climbing skills and be prepared to meet some interesting people as you climb the ladder of social prominence! Here are 10 rules you need to follow to be an accomplished social climber.

Social Climbing for Fun and Profit

1. Know your end goal

Before you start....why are you doing this? Is it because you feel that you have out grown your present friends and family and are simply bored with them? Do you want to make friends with people that are more exciting and interesting than you know right now? Do you feel you don't have the type of people in your life right now that share the same values that you do? You are looking for business contacts?

All of these are great reasons to reach for something better. Moving forward with your life with more like minded people that you admire is a great goal but these people don't necessarily have to be rich and famous. 

If you are thinking that you want to do this to prove something then you might want to re-think your motivation. Hanging out with rich and famous people can be an empty experience if you have nothing in common with them and you are only doing it to brag to family and other people that you know. 

2. How mercenary do you plan to be?

 Are you planning to drop anyone that can't help you out like a hot potato? Are you going to be ignoring family in the street when you are with your new friends? Are you planning to cancel out on plans at the last minute because something better turned up?

Bad, bad idea. You do need to weed out the people in your life that are toxic, the ones that belittle you, or people that try to under mind your plans and confidence but there is no reason to be mean or rude about this. 

Friendships change over the years and you can grow out of people, doesn't mean that you should treat them poorly. As for canceling out on plans at the last minute, this is rude beyond belief and it will come back to bite you, when something really great does come up, you won't be invited. Social Climbing for Fun and Profit.

3. What are you willing to bring to the table

You have to be the type of person that interesting people find interesting. It might be your quick wit, it might be your ability to be a great listener, being well read, politically savvy or your quirky take on life. Being good looking and thinking you can use sex as a means to social climb will just get you labeled and avoided.

Always be growing, trying to learn something new and having new experiences on your own. It will make you a more rounded person and a more interesting one. Social Climbing for Fun and Profit.

4. Don't Lie

Don't lie to try to impress, it will show through fast and you will lose your credibility. Buying designer clothes and items that you can't afford is a form of lying and it will leave you broke in the end. Buying knock-offs and trying to pass them off for the real thing will only get you smirked at and judged (read Buying Inexpensive Knock-offs). Social Climbing for Fun and Profit.

5. If you were raised by wolves invest in etiquette lessons

The higher up the social ladder you climb the more polished your manners should be. If you were raised by wolves and really don't know how to graciously dine then you will have to invest in some lessons. There are etiquette coaches everywhere, make sure the one you pick does come with proper credentials. (Often etiquette coaches have corporate clients that need to learn dining etiquette from different countries, take advantage of this if some of your new friends are from overseas). 

The truly rich had their manners taught to them by their nannies and at private school. You want to be knowledgeable so you will be comfortable. Social Climbing for Fun and Profit.

6. Be strategic on how you climb the social ladder.

If you have never been to a horse show and decide that is someplace that you want to start meeting people, for goodness sake don't just guess what they are like and who attends, research.

Start off by going to some less posh shows and see how they are run. Take some riding lessons. Find out as much as you can about the shows, the rules, who attends, what people generally wear and what the season is about. Build up your knowledge so you seem comfortable and knowledgeable.

It is the same if you are going to clubs or sporting events. Don't assume, find out. Social Climbing for Fun and Profit.

7. Be subtle about your name dropping

There is a big difference between lying and letting little bits drop, such as "I had a very brief conversation with Elon Musk at the symphony, I really wish I could chat with him longer about his upcoming projects." While in reality your brief conversation was you saying to him as he walked by, "Great news about those batteries!"

If you feel the need to name drop then do it sparingly, no one is interested in you going on and on about the famous people that you have met unless you know them well enough to introduce the celebrity to them. Social Climbing for Fun and Profit.

8. Don't be a mooch and always be taking

Those with money often love to entertain and if you're a fun person to be around they will be inviting you to come up to their summer homes or join them on their boat. Don't be always trying to scrounge an invitation, it looks needy and desperate. Don't always be the one waiting for invitations, have some event or place that you would like to invite them to.

You might not be able to entertain on the same lavish scale that they can but you could invite them to join you at a art exhibit of an up and coming artist that you admire or show them that amazing hiking trail that you love exploring.

Drop them a line if you find an article that you think they would find interesting, and do this with all friends and family so this is something that you will be known for.

There are interesting things out there to do and see that don't take a lot of money. Social Climbing for Fun and Profit.

9. Know how to dress

This might be the most important thing of all. You need to be appropriate for the situation that you are in. The quickest way to make yourself look out of your league is to dress wrong for the occasion.

Have you been invited out on their boat? Are they serious sailors that expect you to know what boat shoes are or are they partiers that want everyone to look fabulous?

Going to a concert? Is it the Glastonbury Festival where hippy chic is the trending rage or is it the Vienna String Quartet where a stunning cocktail dress would be perfect.

If it is a party where you are hoping to meet future business contacts then try to find out what they prefer to wear and mimic it, if it is age appropriate (no one want to dress the same as Warren Buffett unless they past 60.) Social Climbing for Fun and Profit.

10. Be discrete 

There will be times when you are hanging out with your new friends that something might be said after a glass or two of wine that you need to keep discrete about. It could be about a business deal that is about to happen or it could be about a relationship that is coming to an end.

No matter how juicy the tidbit might be you have to keep to yourself. Your discretion will be valued and you will be pulled more into the inner circle if you have a reputation for not gossiping. Social Climbing for Fun and Profit.

Have fun with it

You never know where social climbing might get you. Kate Middleton is often used as an example of social climbing success. Her parents were determined to social climb and the end results was their daughter Kate marrying into the royal family in 2011.

Enjoy meeting new people, some you will click with and some your won't. But if you are not enjoying yourself then maybe social climbing really isn't for you. As I mentioned at the beginning surrounding yourself with great people doesn't mean those people have to be rich and famous.

Life is full of fun interesting people, be one of them!