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Small Valentine Printable

 Your Perfect Valentine's Day Starts Here. From breakfast in bed to great inexpensive gifts for your sweetie, get the advice you need to have a fabulous Valentine's Day!

A small Valentine printable is a perfect way to top a present. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a lovely little enclosure card to add to a small gift. These fanciful, rather Victorian looking, cards are simple to make using plain paper.

They look equally as sweet on top of a gift or tucked into a bouquet of flowers.

Valentine's have been sent since the middle ages and in the early 1800 they started to be factory made. While lovers of old would have a supply of personal stationery that they would use to send romantic messages to their loves, at Valentine's they would splash out and buy fancy cards for their sweeties.

Valentine's day is second only to Christmas for the volume of cards sent out to celebrate the day.

Since not everyone enjoys the modern Valentine's Day cards that are available now, I designed these to have the core sentiments of Valentine's Day "Be My Valentine", "Happy Valentine's Day" and "Enjoy".

Why not tuck one of these cards in with the simplest of gifts to someone who is not expecting anything on the day, a friend, a co-worker or a family member.

Who doesn't remember the excitement of childhood when on Valentine's day your school desk would be filled with cards from you classmates.  (You could recreate that moment of joy with this simple card and a chocolate bar.)

For a more substantial gift to the love in your life these cards are a simple and elegant way to top off a gift.

Small Valentine Printable Assembly

Print out the Small Valentine Printable PDF

There are three cards on each page. Cut along the long/short dash lines and fold on the dash line. 

You can use a pair of decorative scissors to give them a fancy edge but be sure to fold them first before cutting and cut inside the long/short dash lines so they won't be visible. 

If you need a stronger card you can print these out on card stock and score a line down the middle of the card stock before you fold them over into cards to give it a crisp clean fold.

If you punch a hole in the corner of the card you could use some red ribbon or string to attach it to your gift.

Enjoy, Be My Valentine and Happy Valentine's Day. What could be more appropriate for the season.

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