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Skull Print for Halloween (and more Free Printables)

A skull print for Halloween! When you want something creepy....but not too creepy!

For something ghoulish for Halloween why not print off these free PDF's of medical body parts. I found an old beat up book of anatomy at a antique shop years ago that was filled with macabre etchings of the human body. I don't know what the sales clerk thought as I flipped from paged to page muttering, yes this is nice... I was appreciating the complexity of the drawing but goodness know what they thought I was referring to.

I have made it my Halloween tradition to place these out every year.  Although these images are a little creepy they are not gory which makes them a bit more fun.

While my family room is decorated for Halloween in a friendly pumpkin theme I tend to be a bit more sinister in the dining room. Once a year I very carefully remove the lovely Audubon prints that I have in  frames and replace them with eerie anatomy prints.

Since the print is on 8 .5 x 11 inch paper they easily fit into an 8 by 10 opening, you can look for inexpensive pre-matted frames in Dollar Stores. If you don't want such a formal presentation then rough up the edges and pin them to your wall, more of a mad scientists theme. will not appear on your printable.

Skull Print for Halloween Pdfs

Ahhh...the classic skull, is there a more classic symbol of Halloween? (yes, I know probably pumpkins, ghosts, witches, but other than those). This full head view of a skull with all the proper sections labeled.

Halloween Skull Printable Pdf

This medical view of an eye I have to admit I do find particularly creepy. Perhaps because it seems to have an expression of surprise, sort of like, how did I end up as a Halloween print.

Halloween Eye Printable Pdf 

The anatomy of a foot makes me think of witch's potions that call for body parts. (Take one toe of troll...)

  Halloween Foot  Printable Pdf

And finally the medical view of a back.

An almost spine tingling print (yah, sorry about that).

Halloween Back Printable Pdf

I printed these out on card stock as I knew I would be using them year to year and I wanted something sturdier that regular paper. If you use regular printer paper then you might have to place a second piece of blank paper behind your print so make the image pop more.

If you are looking at someplace to put these in your home that is not too obvious why not place them in your bathroom? Guest will see them and be sure to comment.

Here is a photo of my dining room from a few years ago.  I made some very quick black curtains from cheap material. The prints where placed two on either side of the window. I put black ribbons with plastic skeletons on the chandelier and black candles win silver plated candlesticks on the sideboard.

The rest of the dining room was decorated with black bits and pieces and I put out my silver plated service pieces. The mix of the black and silver worked very well, an up scale elegant type of macabre.

The four of these prints placed in frames adds a eerie feeling to your Halloween decorating. All that will be missing is the evil laugh.....Baahahahah!

Skull Print for Halloween, Enjoy.

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