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Recycle Tin Cans to Gift Boxes!

Recycle tin cans to gift boxes! Who would have thought that a lowly tuna can (actually two of them) could make such a stylish packaging! 

While I used gift wrap to decorate the tin cans the sky is the limit with this. You could use almost any sort of paper from wall paper to scrap book paper or even paint interesting designs on them!

DIY tin can crafts are a great way to reuse and recycle. I left one tin with it's original colour and decided for the second design to paint it a blood red. Again your choices are endless if you decide to paint. 

So follow these surprisingly easy instructions to make your own gorgeous gift tin to keep or give.

How to Recycle Tin Cans to Gift Boxes- Tin Can Crafts Tutorial

I assume that all tuna cans are the same shape but before using the measurements I give you, you might want to cut out some newspaper or other scrap paper to these dimensions to see if they fit before using your good paper, especially if you don't have much of your good paper.

Start with two cleaned tuna cans that have the tops removed.  (I have been asked how I removed the tuna odor from the cans and all I did was wash them with dish soap and water and then put them in the dishwasher for a secondary clean. There was no odor). 

If you are going to paint them, do that now. You will paint both the top and bottom edges. I first used a white primer and then painted them with craft paint as I wanted to use a water soluble paint for easy clean up. The coverage is not as nice as using a metal spray paint so you might chose to do that instead. You also have to paint the inside of one of the cans that you will use as the top of the gift tin.

Cut two bands of paper 12 inches by 1-1/4 inches to wrap on the outside of the top and bottom tin. I used a bit of scotch tape to adhere the paper but if you don't want it to show then you could glue the paper on with adhesive spray glue or even some glue sticks work well.  

Cut out two discs 3 inches across. I taped them on by rolling the tape to make it double sided but real double sided tape would be best or again you could use spray adhesive (or any other glue you have on hand). 

Make a bow (see How to Make a Gift Bow) to fit the top of the can. 

I used a 1 inch wide satin ribbon to make this bow.

Tie it to a piece of ribbon long enough that it will fit over the top of the tin and into the inside.

You will tape the ribbon to the inside so that it looks neat. 

Cut a piece of ribbon long enough so it will fit around the bottom tin and tape it to the inside. You want to position the ribbons so when the top and bottom are together the ribbons look like they meet.

You need to make an inside collar so the top can will stay on the bottom can. 

For the red tin I used red card stock.

Cut a piece of card stock (or heavy paper, whatever you have on hand, I've also used old file folders) 4-1/2 inches by 11-1/2 inches. Score down the middle of this piece (2-1/4 inches lengthwise) and fold it in half. With your hands gently bend it inward so it has a bit of a curve. Put this inside the tin and press it against the sides. Tape the overlap and tape the bottom of the collar to the base of the can. Try to do all the taping as neatly as possible. 

Cut a 3 inch circle to put in the base of the can and adhere it. Cut a 3 inch circle to adhere it in the base of the other can. 

With the beige gold tin I also lined the inside of the collar with wrapping paper. The collar in the beige gold tin was the inside of a cereal box that happened to be the same colour as the wrapping paper.

While I made these recycle tin cans with very traditional colours and paper  you could make them with extreme colour combinations. 

You could also use fabric instead of paper but you would have to find a glue that would not leak through the fabric and that would definitely adhere to the cans. 

You could also make these without the bow to have a more tailored look.

How ever you decide to make these recycle tin cans to gift boxes you will find that they are a very frugal, fun craft to make!

Recycle tins cans to gift boxes.