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Oscar Party Printable Statue Award

A Printable Statue Award is perfect if you are hosting an Oscar Party. Why not print off some Statues for your buffet table or to have as decorations.

While the real image of the Oscar is copyright protected this gold statue looks surprisingly like it.

You could even give out your own statues to family and friends. How about an award for "Most Calm in an Awkward Situation" or "Best Actor During Office Politics".

These are printed out on card stock and the base folds back to make a stand. He stands 7 1/2 inches tall.

Printable Statue Award Instructions

Even though these are meant to be a fun temporary display, I found that I was printing these off all the time to give to people for the silliest reasons and they were greatly appreciated.

I was told by one friend that had helped me out on my radio show that she keeps the statue in her own studio as on a dark shelf it looks real when people first spot it.

Print off the statue onto card stock. This really does need to be printed on card stock as regular paper is not strong enough to hold itself upright. If you only have regular paper then you would have to glue it to something sturdier for it to work.

Golden Statue.pdf

Oscar Party Printable Statue Award

Cut along the dotted lines and around the statue

Fold back at the bottom of the black base.

Cut out a piece of black paper, card stock or Bristol board the shape of the paper stand and glue (if you don't have any black paper you can paint it black with marker).

You can print off small labels to glue to the front base of the statue for the categories (Best Picture, Best Actor etc.) 

This golden statue can be used as tongue in cheek table decorations for award dinners or even as a place card. (Awards dinners could include sports teams or club events.)

As a place card they would great if they were paired up with a gold and black tablescape, gold rimmed plates with black table cloth.

You could also just give one to a person as a light hearted thank you, leave it on their desk with a note of thanks.

This Printable Statue Trophy is a fun way to acknowledge any job well done.