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Printable Question Mark Gift Wrap Paper

This printable question mark gift wrap paper is perfect for when you want to add some extra mystery to a gift. What could be inside?

I featured this paper in my book Make Inexpensive Gift Baskets that look Expensive as a way to add some fun to a gift basket that has a lot of unrelated gifts.

The printable question mark gift wrap paper comes with three different sized question marks. If you have a larger gift to wrap then simply tape or glue several sheets together to make a large piece of gift wrap. 

Printable Question Mark Gift Wrap Paper PDF Tutorial

Chose which paper that you want to have printed off into gift wrap. You can print from the PDF or download the PDF to you computer to use later of to have a print shop print off the paper. 

The large question mark has only one image on the page and is best for a small gift where you could center the question mark at the front of the gift. The medium size and small question mark gift wrap papers are better if you are wrapping a larger gift.

Since these are printed off on standard size printer paper 11 x 8.5 inches you would have to print of 4 sheets to have a size approximately 22 by 17 inches. Of course you can print off as many pages as you want to make a very large piece of gift wrap.

Small Question Mark Gift Wrap Paper

Medium Question Mark Gift Wrap Paper

Large Question Mark Gift Wrap Paper

While I really like the black and white image of the question marks you can change the way that this looks by printing it on colored paper. A red paper would look fabulous.

This is a great paper to have on your computer for a quick last minute wrapping job, have a few sheets printed out and on hand, it is perfect for both men and women and young and old. Who doesn't like the idea of something mysterious being given to them as a gift.

This would also work really well for gift wrap paper during a white elephant gift exchange or a secret Santa.

I used this gift wrap when putting together a gift basket that was filled with items that really didn't have a theme to them. The paper made it all unified.  

This can become your go to paper if you don't have a lot of storage space but do have access to a printer.