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Printable Peony Flower Card

Free Printable Peony Flower Card, perfect for Mother's Day, Thinking of You, Get Well Soon or Happy Birthday!

Free Printable Peony Flower Card that is perfect for Mother's Day, Thinking of You, Get Well Soon or Happy Birthday!

This is the perfect small card at 4 inches by 5 1/4 inches that you can print off for free.

A charming image of a peony arrangement in soft toned colors it is great to have on hand. The perfect thing about this card is that you print off what ever greeting you want on the insert!

(This is one of three in this series of free printable note cards.)

Need a card to go with that bottle of champagne you're giving your host? or a card as a thank you for a great dinner you had at a friends house? or maybe you need a card to help a co-workers spirits?

A nice card with a great sentiment inside can make someone day. I have made a series of these flower cards that are easy to download and print off on your color printer.

Printable Peony Flower Card Tutorial

Print off the

Printable Peony Flower Card Pdf

It is important that you score the center of the card before you cut it to get a neat clean fold. If you just try to fold the card over it will look messy. A score is when you take a dull edge like a letter opener or the dull side of a butter knife and press down on the paper bruising the one side. This causes an indent that makes it easy for you to fold the paper.

Depending on what you want to put inside chose the insert from HERE.

Happy Birthday, Thinking of You, Happy Mother's Day, Get Well Soon plus a blank insert if you have your own greeting that you want to use.

The Peony is a favorite spring flower that is often used at weddings and in other flower arrangements. If you are trying to think of a simple but great gift to give someone then a Peony  root that they can plant in their own garden it a wonderful and long living gift.

Peony plants can live for decades or more and they have often been found still thriving beside old homesteads.

My father-in-law gave me divisions from his peony plant for my garden and these beautiful pink flowers are from that plant. Just a few peonies in an arrangement look lush and wonderful.

This pretty little card would also be perfect for a bridal shower or other occasions when you want something sweet.

Print them off before you need them so you will have them on hand at the last minute. This is a great addition to your greeting card stash.

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