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Printable Number Birthday Cards for Kids

Free Printable Number Birthday Cards are design so that you can easily and quickly download the PDF, fold, cut, sign your name and you're done!

These cute little cards are ideal when you have several nieces/nephews or if you are a teacher/Sunday school teacher who likes to acknowledge birthdays or if you find that your own children are going to many classmates birthday parties.

You know that the cost of cards can start really adding up but these bright happy number cards are great and depending on the paper you use will cost from about 2 cent to 10 cents each.

While I had designed something similar before having this is as a printable makes it  a quick and easy craft. Fun to receive, these printable number birthday cards for children are perfect! 

Printable Number Birthday Card Instructions

Make sure that your printer can handle heavier paper grades like cardstock or construction paper before you start. Cardstock is the best for these cards as it comes in a rainbow of colors and a good thickness. You could use colored sheet paper but it will be a bit flimsy.

Download the PDF number that you want, with the colored paper in your printer and print it off.

Number 1 Pdf

Number 2 Pdf

Number 3 Pdf

Number 4 Pdf

Number 5 Pdf

Number 6 Pdf

Number 7 Pdf

Number 8 Pdf

Number 9 Pdf

Score the dotted fold line and fold the paper in half with the image on the outside.

Cut the number out on the inside of the lines so when finished there will be no lines showing. 

For some of the number ( 4,6,8,9) either use the very tips of your scissors to cut out the middles or use an exacto knife.

For young children who love to see the how old they are on their birthdays these cards are great.

I find it easiest to have a range of numbers on hand already printed. You could add two of them together for anyone who has a double digit birthday. These could be fun for a 65th birthday!

Using decorative paper you would get a totally different look to the card. With metallic paper the card would have a more industrial look to it and using different scrap book papers that you cut down to fit your printer, you can have a range of cards that can look pretty or contemporary depending on the paper.

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