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Printable Mothers Day Silhouette Place Cards

Free Printable Mother's Day Place Cards

Printable Mothers Day Silhouette Place Cards are perfect for the brunch, lunch or dinner table on Mother's Day.

You can chose who gets which silhouette based on what they looked like as children.

Even your mother was someone's child and you can chose her silhouette from these as well.

Printable Mothers Day Silhouette Place Cards PDFs

There are four cards on the page that you print off the PDF

Silhouette Place Cards PDF

If you want to add your own names from your computer onto the Silhouette place cards then you will have to convert the PDF into a Word document. You can find many free conversion programs on line.

Or you can print off the PDFs and hand write the names onto the place cards.

Regardless if you use a PDF or Word, after you have printed them out you need to score the place cards before you cut them.

There are small black lines on the outside of the place cards. Taking a ruler, line these up and score them with a bone folder or dull edge.

Cut along the inside of dotted lines so the dotted lines will not appear on the finished place card.

Making sure that the ink is dry fold the place cards along the scored fold lines.

Silhouette place cards are charming as they remind us of the silhouettes that children use to do in grade school as gifts for their mothers.

Silhouettes were very popular before the advent of inexpensive photography as it was an accurate way to get a likeness of someone.

The person getting the silhouette would be placed in profile with a strong light in front of them (often a candle that was backed by a mirror) and their shadow would be outlined and then latter touched up and filled in with black ink.

It is adding the small touches to silhouettes that made them so personal, so a man's collar might be added and as in one of these silhouettes, a bow in the girls hair.

If you are really adventurous you could go to the effort of making your own silhouettes to add to place cards.

These simple place cards in black and white look great on tables filled with antiques or modern dishware. 

Place cards are always a fast simple way to make a meal more special.

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