Printable Greeting Card Rose

This Printable Greeting Card Rose is a great free card to print off and have on hand. It is a 5 by 4 1/4 inch size that easily fits into a card envelope.

The image is of a red rose in a clear crystal vase. Simple and elegant this slightly muted card that would be charming to receive.

The second in my series of flower cards this single red rose card is ideal for a sentimental birthday like a sweet sixteen, Mother's Day, Thinking of You, Get Well Soon and more. It would also be perfect to slip in with a dozen roses so when the roses are gone they still have the card as a memento and a reminder of what you have them.

Red roses are a symbol of love,  romance and also wealth. While a gift of red roses from a man to a women would be considered a romantic gesture, a gift from a woman to another woman, be it a relative or a friend, is a gesture of style, that you believe they are sophisticated enough to deserve roses. Be it a single red rose or a dozen, roses are always a welcomed gift. 

Printable Greeting Card Rose Turtorial

Print off the

Printable Greeting Card Rose Pdf

It is important that you follow the instructions that are printed on the Pdf and first score the card before you cut it. (Scoring is pressing a dull edge of a knife, like the back of a butter knife, along the line where the card will be folded. The score line bruises the paper so it will easily fold on that line.)

A scored line will give a neat clean fold.

I have a variety of inserts that you can print off to place inside your card. 

Go HERE for the inserts.

I've always loved to be surrounded by roses and I don't wait for anyone to buy them for me either!  I have always struggled to grow roses in my garden because my soil is so poor and there is a stiff wind in the winter that tends to kill them. If I try mulching around them in the winter to protect them mice and voles tend to make nests in the mulch while happily munching away at the roots of my poor roses.

So I have gotten in the habit of buying potted roses from the grocery store, I will then snip off a bloom and place it in a small bud vase so I can enjoy them on my desk or on the tea table or lunch table. With one pot of roses I can snip flowers for a month to 6 weeks.

This small rose note card is perfect to have on hand in your greeting card stash. To see more of my free printable cards go to  Inexpensive Greeting Card Ideas.

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