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Printable Gift Wrap Red Striped

Print of this Printable Gift Wrap red striped for any occasion. This is a great gift wrap to have in your stash as it is always appropriate and looks great for Christmas.

I made two designs, a diagonal stripe and a straight stripe gift wrap. You choose which you want to print off and use or print of several copies of each to have on hand for last minute gift wrapping.

Printable Gift Wrap Red Striped PDFs

Red striped gift wrap is associated with Christmas probably because they remind everyone of candy canes. This paper looks great on its own or used as an accent.

When you are in a rush wrap your gift with plain white paper and cut from the striped gift wrap a band that you can use as a ribbon.

If you have several gifts to wrap then you can interchange the straight and diagonal wrap for different looks.

Striped gift wrap is especially appropriate for food gifts as the wrap itself looks so fresh and clean.

It is simple to make small bags from this paper by following the instructions below. You will need two sheets of the paper and either a glue stick or clear tape. 

Filled with candy and other small gifts these gift bags would be perfect for last minute presents. You could make the bags ahead of time and use them up as needed. I folded the top over to the back and punched two holes at the top and then threaded a striped cord through and knotted it. You could use ribbon, cord, yarn or what ever else you might have on had that would match the gift bag.

Diagonal Striped Gift Wrap Pdf

Striped Gift Wrap Pdf

Depending on the quality of print and printer ink that you use you might have to let the printed gift wrap sit for a few minutes so it will dry. 

On of the reason's I design this gift wrap is so that you would have access to gift wrap at a moments notice if you where near a color printer.

This can be incredible useful if you are stuck at the office. Whether it is a office gift exchange or you are meeting someone after work, when you don't have time to run out and buy any wrapping paper this gift wrap, with it's cheerful stripes, will come to your rescue.

The free gift tag will be available soon.

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