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Printable Easter Place Card  Bunny Artist

Printable Easter Place Card Bunny Artist to add a little bit of whimsy to your Easter table. 

The original image is taken from an antique Easter post card.

One bunny is doing the painting while the other bunny looks on critically.  I've modified the image to make it look as if the bunny is actually writing out the name on your place card. It adds an amusing touch to your table.

Printable Easter Place Card Bunny Tutorial

These free Printable Easter Place Cards are meant for personal use only.

These print best on card stock but you could use regular paper, it just would not be as sturdy.

Card stock is easily bought from craft stores but it is cheaper, in general, to buy it from office supply stores. 

Print off the Easter Bunny Painting - Place Card.pdf

Since this is a Pdf you would have to change it to a Word document if you wanted to add the names from your computer. Otherwise you could just write the names on the place cards in your best writing.

Cut along the darker dotted lined and score along the lighter dotted line to fold. Add the names just above where the bunny is holding his paint brush and you are done!

This image is from about the early 1900's which was the heyday of postcards. Beautiful postcards not only sent to friends and family but where bought and kept for mementos. 

The bright colors could be echoed in your tablescape with fun colored plates and linens or you could use subtle plain tableware and pull out the colors of the place card and use them in your table arrangement. 

I also like using these place cards on buffet tables to state what the different dishes are. This can be very important if any dish has a ingredient in it that someone might be allergic to and also for marking specialty dishes for those who need to eat gluten free.

This image is so sweet and appropriate for Easter that you could use it as a small card in an Easter Basket or with an Easter Lily that you are giving as a gift. If you are giving several small gifts to a group of people you could write out their names on the front of each card and attach it to their gifts and write a separate greeting inside.

A charming Printable Easter Place Card Bunny artist for your celebrations!

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