Printable Easter Chick Card

A printable Easter Chick Card! Antique Easter postcards have lovely graphics to them and I pulled this image from one of them to make into Easter card for either your Easter Baskets or gifts that you are giving at Easter. 

I have always found small cards to be so useful in gift giving and decorating. 

You could use this on your Easter table with a sentiment inside. These size of the card is 3  3/8 inches by 4 inches.

This Easter image came from the heyday of postcards which was from about 1907 to 1915 when postage for postcards was inexpensive and new printing techniques made the printing of postcards cheap.  Before the invention of the telephone postcards were used for quick messages between family and friends. Often when you find ols post cards you will see that they are not signed, just a sprawled message on the back since the receiver would know who sent the post card to them. (Just as we instant message today.)

This card is for personal use only.

Printable Easter Chick Card PDF

There are two cards on the page.

This card would look lovely attached to a bouquet of flowers or a delicious Easter treat.   

Chick with Flowers Pdf

Print off the PDF and cut out the card, using a bone folder or dull edged knife, score the middle line before you fold the card.

The Chick is nattily dressed with a red jacket and a blue hat and is carrying a egg shell full of pussywillows. Interestingly the style jacket that the little chick is wearing is from the 1800's and the cap is of a style that was very popular for young boys at the turn of the 20th century.

If you can find some pussywillows it would be charming to make small little arrangements in egg shells to mirror the bouquet the chick is carrying! Use extra large eggs or, if you can find them, duck eggs. Crack off the very top of the egg and remove the inside, wash out and then fill with wet sand. Arrange a few small pussywillows in the sand and then place the little arrangement in a plain egg cup.

This chick card is a sweet little image to brighten up anyones Easter.

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