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Printable Easter Bags

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Printable Easter Bags! Simple with two sheets of paper, your printer and a glue stick. I added a ribbon on top of each that I pulled through two holes I did with a hole puncher, but you could easily just tape these bags shut.

These are my new designs since my previous ones are so popular! (go HERE for the other designs)

These are great little bags when you are giving just a little thing at Easter and are perfect if you need to make gifts for a large group. They are so simple and cheap to make!

Printable Easter Bags Tutorial

Here are my two new designs:

Easter Bag with Script

Easter Bag Jumping Rabbit

Print either design, if you are using the Happy Easter Print design print off 2 sheets of paper. Using a glue stick, glue a plain sheet of paper to the side of the Easter print. With the Happy Easter design print use the second printed sheet instead of plain paper.

Center the image on the middle of the tissue box on the wider side. You are going to crease the paper on the box. Remove the paper from the box and fold the creases that you made so they are crisp.

Place it back on the tissue box in the same place that it had been and wrap the paper around it. Crease the edges again and once again remove and fold on the edges so the creases are crisp. 

You can cut off about an inch of excess paper if you feel the bag will be too bulky.

Put it back on the tissue box and glue the edges together.

With the image upside down, let the tissue box inside slide to the bottom and place it on a firm surface. You are going to fold over the bottom the same way you would if wrapping a gift. 

Glue each section as you fold it to make sure that it is well glued, you want it to be secure. If you want to put something heavier in the bag then you should also glue a piece of cardboard to the inside of the bag.

You can then slide the box out your bag.

If you want it to look more like a bag then you can crease the sides. (This is also good to do if you are making a series of these for later and want to store them flat.)

With the image side down, line up the edges and push down so the paper folds inside. Pull the bottom of the bag up against the bag.

These Printable Easter Bags are a easy and fast Easter craft to make that looks great and can be filled with either candies, little gifts or small toys.

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