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Printable Black and White Note Cards of Canadian Animals

I am longing to be up North right now but it just isn't possible. To appease myself I have designed these three printable black and white note cards of Canadian animals! They are vintage images that make me feel nostalgic for my time up north.

I am always grabbing bits and pieces of paper to write notes to people so I thought these would be more charming.

What to write in a moose note card? I don't know, how about, "I feel like I have been on a wild moose chase, can you help me out?" or " You're such a fox!" or "Life is a bit prickly right now (for the porcupine one)".

Super easy to print off on your regular black and white printer with your regular printer paper. 

Printable Black and White Note Cards of Canadian Animals Pdf

If you decided that you want a bunch of these then you can download the Pdfs and take them to your local printer to have them print them off. They are approximately 5" by 3 3/4 inches.

If you are doing these at home make sure that your printer is not low on ink so you will get a nice image. If you want to go a little bit fancier then instead of using printer paper use drawing paper. It is a bit thicker with a nicer texture to it and give you a finer finished card. (You might have to cut down the printer paper to fit your printer).  I always let my printed cards sit for a minute or two to let the printer ink dry before I fold them. 

After you have printed off your card score from the dotted lines as the instructions say and fold the card side to side and then front to back so the logo (which will print in black and white unless you are using a color printer) is on the back page.  Trim them once they are folded with either scissors or a paper cutter.

There have been several times that I have seen moose close up, in Banff they wandered into town and were laying on peoples lawns and once while driving up to Thunder Bay a female moose ambled out on the road with her two calves. The thing you don't appreciate until you are right by them are how huge they are! 

Moose Card Pdf

Porcupines would amble around my parents cottage when I was young and we had to be careful when running to the outhouse late at night that we didn't run into one. Our family was lucky that our dogs never went after porcupines as pulling their needles out of a dog's snout is a retched experience for both dog and owner.

Porcupine Card Pdf

Foxes are stunningly beautiful and their cubs are absolutely adorable. But as all wild animals we were taught to keep our distance and admire them from afar. They can become quite bold when they feel save and as we would never let our dogs chase them we would on occasion see them lazing in the sun but mostly we saw them at dusk as they were on their prowl for food.

Fox Card Pdf

I hope you enjoy these cards and print off a bunch of them to use!

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