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Printable Birthday Banner

free printable happy birthday banner

This free printable birthday banner is bright and cheerful and easy to print off. Perfect for either a child or adult. Each letter is approximately 3 1/2 inches by 4 3/4 inches.

I made this free printable birthday banner in a multitude of colors so it can fit many color schemes  or you can take your color scheme from it.

Red, pink, blue, yellow, green and purple all pop up here, either in the lettering or the multicolored edging.

Simple to print of on paper there are cutting lines for easy trimming. Four letters to a sheet plus I added an extra empty frame if you needed to fill in a number.

It doesn't take much to decorate for a birthday and using this banner can be your jumping off point.

Balloons are always great at birthdays as are streamers.

I enjoy starting off the birthday even before they enter the house! You can learn how to make this Balloon Arch.

If you just don't have anything else available then try using your brightly colored dishes and table cloths to add some color to the festivities.

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Printable Birthday Banner PDFs

Simply print off the 4 pdfs. I prefer to use card stock as it is much stronger and you will be able to re-use your banner at a later date.

 If you don't have any card stock then you can print this on regular paper, it will be OK but the card stock would be better.

Happy Birthday Banner 1.pdf

Happy Birthday Banner 2.pdf

Happy Birthday Banner 3.pdf

Happy Birthday Banner 4.pdf

Punch holes in the corners of the letters. Don't punch the holes too close to the edge as you don't want them to tear.

It is better to punch the first one and then use that as a template for the others.

Using curling ribbon string them together as shown.

 If you don't have any curling ribbon you could use yarn, string or even thread if you don't have anything else.

Make sure that you string enough ribbon through that you will have plenty to actually hang up the banner.

While you could put the words on one ribbon it would make it rather long. I put the banner on two ribbons so when I hung them up one was on top of the other.

The birthday boy or girl will be delighted with this cheerful printable Happy Birthday Banner. When you are finished with your banner you can take it down and carefully store it by folding the letters accordion style over top each other. That way it will be easy to un-fold when you use it again.

The printable birthday banner is a fast, easy and cheap way to decorate for a birthday.

You can also make this easy Birthday Cake Topper for a custom made number topper for their birthday cake!

Once you see how easy it is you can make a range of different styles of toppers to suit the theme of your birthday party.

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