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Cheap Halloween Decorating - Printable Halloween Sign

A Printable Halloween Sign is a great cheap fast way to start your decorating for Halloween. Spooky but not scary.

I like putting little Halloween decorations all over the house. I thought I would put this sign in the guest bedroom (not really).

This cute little Halloween sign would look great on an entryway table or a desk.

I have heard all different versions of this Scottish prayer (no, I don't have any Scottish blood) and this is the one that my sisters use to say around Halloween time.

"May the Lord protect you from ghosties and ghoulies and long legged beasties and things that go bump in the night", always managed to send a few gentle shivers down my back. 

Printable Halloween Sign Pdf

Since this will only be out for a few weeks leading up to Halloween I use a cheap dollar store frame with mat. It doesn't need to take the bumps and bruising of everyday life so an inexpensive frame is all you need. You can check out thrift stores, clearance centers or garage sales as well for cheap frames. I keep all my Halloween decorations in bins stored in the basement so this sign stays safe and dry until I need it again.

The sign is printed off on regular printing paper with the image being 5 by 7. This way you can either cut down the image and place it in a 5 x 7 frame or use a 8 x 10 frame that has a 5 x 7 mat. I like using the 8 by 10 frame as I feel it gives it a better look but if you want to use the print in a subtle manner (up, in the spare bedroom) then the small size would look good. 

Print off the 

Ghosties and Ghoulies Printable.pdf   (Morestylethancash will not appear on your sign)

If you are placing this in an 8 by 10 frame with a mat, remove the mat from the frame and center it over the sign.

Make with a pencil around the matting.

Trim the paper slightly smaller than the pencil marks. You will be taping the paper the to back of the matting and will need some room to place the tape.

Before you tape the sign into the matting hold it up to the light to make sure that the sign is properly centered in the matting.

Tada! your fast, cheap, simple Halloween decoration. 

If you want to make it the smaller size to put the sign in an 5 by 7 frame, remove the glass from the frame and center it over the sign.

Draw around the glass with pencil and trim the sign. Place it into your frame.

This printable Halloween sign adds a touch of spookiness to your Halloween decor.

I enjoy adding mice, cats, crows and other critters around the house and I posed this one to make him look like he is contemplating the sign.

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