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Make a Pine Cone Christmas Teddy Bear Decoration

Make a Pine Cone Christmas Teddy Bear Decoration! I showed this little pine cone teddy bear a few years ago and though I wrote about how to make him and I have been asked to show a photo tutorial. 

He really is very simple to make and the result (in my humble opinion) is charming.

So here is a very easy tutorial on how to make these festive little teddy bears.

Pine Cone Christmas Teddy Bear Decoration Tutorial

You will need 1 longer pine cone for the body and 5 medium pine cones  (2 for the arms, 2 for the legs and 1 for the head).You will also need 2 small pine cones for the ears that you will cut down.

Take the large pine cone with the scales pointing upward and using a hot glue gun, glue one of the medium pine cones to the bottom side. 

The pine cone soaks in the hot glue so you will have to hold the two pine cones together until it sets. (Sing Christmas carols to yourself while you wait.)

You want the large pine cone to be on a slight angle so finished the teddy bear will sit forward and not tip over.

On the opposite side at the bottom of the large pine cone glue on the second medium pine cone at the same angle as the first. Now you have two legs.

At the top side of the large pine cone glue on a medium pine cone for one arm....

Do the same on the opposite side for the second arm.

The final medium pine cone will be the head. Glue this on the very top of the large pine cone. You can position the head so it is either looking straight, down or up

Take the two small pine cones and cut them in half (or more) you want them to look like the small ears of a bear not the long ears of a bunny. You will be using the top of the pine cone not the pointy end.

Glue these to either side of the head.

When you are sure that all the glue is dry and set take a small piece of ribbon and make a bow. I tied the bow around the teddy bear's neck with a piece of florist wire  but if you would like you could glue the bow on.

It is so simple to make one why not make a whole bunch? (What are a group of teddy bears called?)

They would look great lined up on a mantle or tucked away on a shelf. For anyone who loves teddy bears they would be a fun gift topper. The Pine Cone Christmas Teddy Bear Decorations, a fun craft for Christmas.

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