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The Perfect Valentine Day

The perfect Valentine day is going to be different for different people. If you're young and single and want to splash out with your friends, if you are in new relationship, or if you want to include family in the celebrations you will have different ideas of how you want to celebrate the day.

While typically Valentine's Day tends to center on the young and in love, why should they have all the fun. Here are ideas for everyone to celebrate the 14th of February. 

Perfect Valentine Day

Ok, I will start off with the ideal of the perfect Valentine day.  In the movies that means breakfast in bed, roses sent to the office and a romantic dinner at the best restaurant in town  with an expensive gift given at dessert.... and a LOT of cash. 

They are great ideas but you can scale them down to your budget. 

The perfect Valentine day is easy to start at breakfast. If breakfast in bed just isn't your thing, and there is no time to do it anyway, how about just one of the breakfast items shaped into a heart? A piece of bread cut into a heart shape before it is toasted is a fast and easy way to start your Valentine's romance. 

Or grab a pre-mixed frozen breakfast smoothie, some strawberries and a croissant the day before and present them as a quick meal as they head out the door.

Not together for breakfast? A quick simple text can let them know that you are thinking of them. 

Sending roses for the perfect Valentine day is something that you need to prepare for days, if not a week or more in advance. As a former florist I can tell you many stories of people sauntering in at 6 in the evening thinking that they could get a dozen roses, and then the look of panic when we tell them we've been sold out since 1 in the afternoon. Why don't florists have more roses? Because after Valentine's there is little demand for them and since they are expensive to buy from the growers it's not worth losing money on. Florist have to walk a fine line or buying enough, but not too much.

If you are determined to make the gesture then find a florist that might be close enough to have a runner to deliver the roses.... and be prepared to pay for it. High end florist will hire extra staff to do deliveries if they are in a busy downtown area with lots of offices.

You need to read Longest Lasting Inexpensive Cut Flowers before you head into the florist to make sure you are getting the best deals, even during Valentine's.

If they don't work in a populated area then their roses are going to have to wait until they get home.

If you want the roses but not the huge cost then consider looking at potted roses, florists start selling these about a month before Valentine's day and they sell out quickly. Get them home, keep them alive and then on the big day cut them down, ditch the pot and put your roses into water. They don't have straight stems and are full of thorns but they will supply your rose needs on a budget.

Still determined to have something waiting for them at work? Do they have a colleague that you could give a gift and card to for them to put on your sweetie's desk? It would take some planning but it would be a great gesture, you need to ask a person that is willing to keep it a secret.

Part of getting something at work is for the perfect Valentine day is bragging rights. Have your secret helper pop this Inexpensive Champagne Gift that you've made on their desk, it looks expensive but it is easy to pull together and has a real WOW factor to it. 

Valentine's Day cards are every where to buy but you don't want them to get a card that anyone could get. Here are my Free Printable Valentine Kiss Cards, a little bit on the racy side and you can personalize the inside.

Or for the minimalist my free printable Heart Valentine.

This Free Hugs and Kisses Valentine Printable  card has a modern look to it.

You could print off several of these Small Valentine Day Cards and leave little notes around or use them later in a treasure hunt for their gift.

Restaurants love Valentine Day, popular places are booked months in advance so if you are going out to dinner make your reservations as soon as you can. 

If you decide to eat at home remember that the ambiance is what will make your dinner romantic.

Read through 15 Restaurant Tips for Fine Dining At Home  which will walk you through lighting, music, set up and everything else you need to know to make your at home dinner memorable for the perfect Valentine day. 

Picnics in the living room tend to have a romantic vibe to them but can get really uncomfortable fast, you want you dinner to be romantic, not cause leg cramps.

Strewing the room with rose petals. Ok, I will repeat, you have to order your roses in advance and really, are ready to rip the heads off flowers you just paid a fortune for? You can ask the florist if they have any blown roses (roses past their prime) that you could have at a discount but roses too far gone will have crunch dried up petal, not the look you are going for. Check them out before you buy.

Chocolate covered strawberries have become the romantic fruit for the season, these are surprisingly easy to make with this tutorial Make Inexpensive Chocolate Strawberries.

Another great and inexpensive flourish is to write with chocolate, again, simpler to do then you would have thought and you can do it days in advance Learn to Write With Chocolate

So dinner was great, desserts fabulous and now you should be pulling out a great gift, right? The perfect Valentin day is a sentimental day and if you can find something that just the two of you share, an inside joke, a poignant moment or a special date, you could feature that by having a word or date engraved on key ring (or something they will see everyday).

What ever you decide to give them make sure that you wrap it right with How to Wrap Like a Professional and Learn to Make a Gift Bow

Or  Make Heart Shaped Boxes to put in what ever treat you have.

If money is super tight there are hand made options that look amazing that you can pull together for you honey for a perfect Valentine day.

Any candy in a heart shape becomes ridiculously expensive during this season. Make your own Heart Shaped Chocolate with no mold or any other fancy tools. 

If chocolate isn't their thing then how about some Cupid Candy Arrows.

If you are in a generous mood and just want to share the Valentine's mood with friends and co-workers without breaking the bank make up a stash of these little candy fillers and add a small Valentine's day card to them. You can fill these for as little as 20 cents each Candy Fillers To Make. These are also great to make with the kids to hand out to their friends.

Add a free printable Vintage Valentine Day card such as this  Movable Girl with Dog  or a Vintage Snowman Valentine Card or this very cute Vintage Puppy Valentine Card. Kid's also enjoy making these old fashioned cards.

If you are on your own you still should celebrate Valentine's Day. Treat yourself to a Spa Day at Home and make yourself number one with luxuries and affordable pampering.

And for those who disdain the typical Valentine's Day sentiments of sweetness and love, put together a Zombie Survival Kit to match their dark mood. Fill it full of licorice hearts and gummy teeth to remind your Valentine that sometimes even the darkness is sweet.

With a bit of planning you can pull off your Perfect Valentine Day.