Ultimate Party Check List

Party checklist

You need an Ultimate Party Check List. Think great parties are just thrown together?  Think again.  It doesn't matter if it is a birthday party for a group of 5 year old's or a sophisticated cocktail party for the trendy set, it doesn't just happen.

To have a great party to you need a check list to make sure that all the little things are done so you don't have to worry and can enjoy yourself along with your guest.  Here is my Ultimate Party Check List.

Ultimate Party Check List PDFs

There are three printable pdfs that make up the Ultimate Party Check List

Ultimate Party Check List page 1.pdf

Ultimate Party Check List page 2.pdf

Ultimate Party Check List page 3.pdf

Here is a quick run down of what is on each page and a few ideas to think about.

Page 1

Date of Party - It might seem obvious but make sure that you are having your party when people are able to attend. Pick a date that is not in conflict with major events or traditions unless that is what you are celebrating.

Guest List - Be very specific in your invitations who you are inviting. If you don't want your friends to bring their kids then tell them. They will want to know. It is as easy as saying that there will be no other children there and no baby sitter.

The Invitations -Mail, Telephone, E-mail, Text - Doesn't matter how you are inviting them you have to make sure that they get the invitation and that if you know if they are going to be showing up.

RSVP regrets only seems to be standard now, so if you don't hear from them then expect them at the front door. Make sure you have the date, time, address and map to your home available either in the invitation or on-line.

Page 2

Access to Home - You want to make sure that it is easy to get to your front door and that no one will be tripping on anything left out or having to negotiate piles of leaves or snow.

House Number Visible -They want to easily see that they are at the right place so make sure your house number is easy to see from the street.

Lights On- If the party is in the evening make sure that the  porch light is on. I also turn on all the lights at the front of my home so our house glows and looks welcoming.

Door Decorated - It doesn't matter if it is a children's party or a sophisticated affair for the adults, decorating your front door starts the party mood even before they enter your home. 

Place for Coats, Shoes, and Boots - If your front closet is tiny then use your bedroom or laundry room as a cloak room. If the weather is bad you might want to put something down on your floor to protect it from wet or dirty foot ware.

Inside Decorated - It is up to you how much you decorate but if it is for a children's party balloons and streamers always look great. Even for an adult party decorations can set the tone.

Food Area - You are going to have to decide where to set out the food. It can be in your kitchen or living room but make sure that there will be easy access to it.

Table Decorations - How fancy do you want to get? Obviously if this is a themed party like a baby shower, birthday or some other event there are thousands of great ideas on the internet to help you make the table decorations look special.

Plates - Where there is food there has to be plates. Make sure that you have extras.

Cutlery - If you are only having finger food then you can skip this. If not make sure again that you have extra

Napkins- These can be part of your decorations if you are having a themed party.

Serving Dishes - For all the goodies that everyone will be eating.

Serving Utensils -To get at all the goodies you will be eating.

Food - Make sure that you write out your menu so you will be well prepared to figure out what you will need to buy and how much time you will be spending cooking.

Drinks Area (Bar Area) - You might want to consider having this in a different place than your food table as people will be going back to get drinks more often than they will be going to get food.

Cold Beverages - Soda pops, juices, water should be at any party even if you are serving liquor as not everyone likes to drink. Your choice or whether to serve wine, beer or alcohol really depends on the crowd you are inviting and the time of day.

Hot Beverages - Having tea and coffee at a party is lovely especially for those that enjoy it after a meal. If it is a kid's party consider putting on a pot of coffee for any adults that might stick around.

Glassware - Of course plastic drinking glasses are fine for a large party or a party with children but if you have them then why not use your proper wine, beer and beverage glasses.

Mugs/Cups - If you are serving tea or coffee.

Extra Chairs - Standing all night at a party can be tiring and not everyone feels comfortable sitting on the floor. If you have extra chairs around your home consider bringing them into the party area.

Page 3

Clean Up Table -To have a small table off from where you are serving food for people to leave their dirty plates and glasses on if you don't want them going into your kitchen. If you do this then make sure that you keep your eye on it and remove dishes before it begins to look like a mess.

Garbage Container - I am not talking about bringing in your trash can. If you have a garbage container that has a swing top to it then place it out by the clean up table for people to get rid of their napkins and other trash.

Immaculate Bathroom - Your bathroom will have to be the one room in the house that has to look absolutely spotlessly clean. Try to keep an eye on it through out the party.

Soap Dispenser - In the bathroom it is cleaner to have a soap dispenser than a bar of soap when many people will be using it.

Toilet Paper - Always have extras out where it can be easily seen. You can always place several in an open basket near the toilet.

Tissues - I have extra boxes of tissues in the bathroom but also through out the party area

Extra Paper Towels - For all those spills that might happen.

Music - Don't leave this to the last minute. Music set the mood and can really make your party exciting. Even if it is a children's party or a bridal shower make sure that you have some music in the background.

Entertainment - Depending on your party you might chose not to have any sort of entertainment but imagine how surprised your guests would be if a magician or fortune teller showed up to entertain them. For children's parties the entertainment can just be organizing or some other activity. 

Make sure your print off the 3 pdfs for the Ultimate Party Check List. You can always hand a page to someone else to make sure that it is all done while you finish up the final preparations.

With your Ultimate Party Check List your parties will run so smoothly your guest will wonder how you do it all!

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