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Paint Chip Crafts Bookmarks

Paint chip crafts bookmarks!

These fun and colourful bookmarks are eye popping enough to make sure you don't loose your place in what ever you're reading.

They are made with left over paint chips. This is a lovely way to recycle these paint chips into something that is useful and attractive enough to slip in as a gift with a birthday or thank you card. They are a easy and relatively quick project that needs only a few basic tools. So dig out those weird and wonderful coloured paint chips (that you once considered painting your bedroom) and follow our directions for making  them into bookmarks.

This project goes very quickly if you have a paper cutter, if you don't have a paper cutter then use a good pair of scissors.

Paint Chip Crafts Bookmarks Tutorial

Gather up all your paint chips and start putting together colour combinations that you would like. 

Using any plain paper from your recycling pile cut  a 5-1/2 inch by 1-3/4 piece of paper. This will be your base

This base will be will be completely covered. You will be cutting your paint chips in strips or long triangles avoiding any print that is on the paint chip. 

Make up a design that you like, I found that mixing up long triangles of with thin strips looked good and staggering the placement of the white lines looked interesting as well.

Using a glue stick glue right to the edges of the paint chips on the wrong side. Place them on the the base in your pattern. The paint chips need to butt right up to each other so there are no gaps. 

Don't worry about the paint chips extending over the edge of your paper strip, when the design is complete you will cut off the excess. When one side is done, do the other side making a different pattern. Let the glue dry. 

Find an object in your home that has a curved edge (I used a coaster) and using a pencil trace a curve on each corner of the bookmark and cut. 

With a hole punch put a hole on the top of the book mark.

Using cord, thick thread, suede or ribbon, thread through the hole with a hitch knot. You can add all sorts of decorative bits to your threads like beads or fancy knots. With the suede chord I left it plain, I knotted it and it added beads and knotted it. With the embroidery thread I made a little tassel.  

Slip the bookmark into your favourite book.

This is a fun fast craft that gives you great results. Make them for yourself or make them as gifts!

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