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Make an Orange Cat Fruit Sculpture

Make an cat from an orange.

An Orange Cat Fruit Sculpture! I will admit that I did not design this but as much as I searched I could not find an original source or instructions on how to make this orange cat so I did it myself.

Fruit and vegetable carvings are a great way to garnish a tray for a party or a special occasion. 

This silly cat would look great at a buffet on a tray of fruit salad, citrus desserts,  cut up oranges at a breakfast buffet or just for the heck of it!

You don't need a lot of fancy equipment to make this handsome fellow, a sharp knife and a small paring knifewill do it.

Perfect for all the feline lovers that you know.

How to Make an Orange Cat Fruit Sculpture

How to cut an orange to look like a cat

You are going to use 2 oranges to make this but have extras on hand the first time you make it in case there are any slip ups.

One orange should be slightly larger than the other. You want to use oranges that have thick skins as they will be easier to carve. 

Take the larger orange, that you will make the head from, and cut it in half through the middle. 

Cut this down the center so you have a quarter.

Decide which side will be the area where the eyes will go and which side the mouth will be.

On top of the side the eyes will go cut into the orange two ears with the paring knife. Slide the knife under the ears to separate them from the orange. Prop the ears up using toothpicks that you have cut to size.

For the body of the cat chose an orange that sits still naturally and does not roll otherwise you will have to place toothpicks at the bottom to make sure it stays in one place. With this orange you are going to carve four stripes on either side of the front.

With the tip of your paring knife score into the orange but don't go too deep as you want the white pith to show not the orange itself.

You are also going to cut two front paws on the bottom of this orange. As you did with the ears, cut a paw shape and slide the knife under the skin to separate it from the orange. It will look best if you make the paws as low as you can on the orange. Your orange cat fruit sculpture is coming together.

This is the orange with the stripes cut in and the paws made.

To make the tail cut a quarter piece of the orange from the remaining head half and remove the pulp from it so you only have orange skin. Trim the sides of this quarter so you have something resembling a tie shape.

I cut small notches into the tail to make it look as if it was striped.

How to cut an orange to look like a cat

You are going to curl the tail and slip it under the body of the cat. If you need to you can attach it with a tooth pick.

Attach the head to the body with two tooth picks. It will look better if it is slightly forward of the body.

The oranges that I used turned out to be seedless so I cut open a lemon I had for seeds. Push these into the face of the cat and..tada, you have a orange cat fruit sculpture. 

How to cut an orange to look like a cat

This citrus feline is easy to make and will add a touch of whimsy to your table!

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