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Mother's Day Gift Terrarium

Making a Mother's Day Gift Terrarium! African violets are such charming little flowering plants but they can be a little bit tricky to grow. They hate being in a draft and need extra moisture around them to help them thrive.

Growing violets in a Glass Container protects them while showcasing their beauty.

With these terrariums the top is never sealed.These make wonderful Mother's Day gifts as they are easy to care for and add a touch of greenery to a room.

Mother's Day Gift Terrarium Tutorial

These are very simple to put together. You will need a glass container that is large enough to plant your African Violet in.

I have done these in round and egg shaped containers but it would look equally good in a square container. 

Buy your African Violet first. Look for one that has no spots on its leaves, has buds coming out, has a few flowers on it so you can see the color and the leaves are firm. You do not want you Violet to be too large, it will need some room to grow. If you find that the plant that you bought is to big for the container you can cut off some of its outter leaves with no harm to the plant.

Fill the bottom of the container with Perlite (which is a light porous volcanic rock which holds moisture well. It is often used as an additive in soil mixtures.)

Making a paper cone pour about an inch of perlite into the bottom of your container. Make sure that it is evenly distributed.

Using the same paper cone carefully add two to three inches of soil, depending on the size of your container and the size of the plants that you are adding

Reach into the container and make a hole to add your plant to. Taking your African Violet remove it from its pot and gently loosen the soil from the roots but leave a ball of soil on. Press the plant into you hole that you made in the container.

Press the plant into the soil and make sure the soil is even all around. If you need to clean the inside of the container do not use Glass Cleaner as it is poisonous to plants. You can use a paper towel to clean the inside and outside.

The same methods are used to make these beautiful Terrariums and the Witch's Ball.

I added a simple bow to the glass container just by tying it around the the middle and added a small card. (You can download the free small Enjoy printable HERE.

While African Violets enjoy bright light keep them out of full sunlight as the leaves can get burnt. Water these when you see that the soil is getting dry, it will probably need less water than most of your other plants. I tip the plant sideways to water so I don't get water on the leaves which can cause spots, I just let a little water run down the inside of the bowl. 

I do this at the back so you don't see the water marks, but it is simple to clean with a bit of paper towel wrapped around a Bamboo Skewer

Do not cover this planter as you would a terrarium as you do not want any extra humidity or condensation on the plant.

A lovely gift to give that needs a minimum amount of care.

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