More Cheap Easy Christmas Ornaments to Make

More Cheap Easy Christmas Ornaments to Make! These home made Christmas tree ornaments are great to make when your tree is a little bare or if you are decorating a tree in a public place that you don't want to spend a lot of money on but you really would like to look nice.

Here are three ideas that I have used on my own Christmas trees, (yes, trees, I am one of those people that has a small forest in her home at Christmas time.)

All of these are easy to make, inexpensive and relatively quick. All you need to worry about is drying time.

More Cheap Easy Christmas Ornaments to Make Tutorials
Woven Paper Christmas Star

This paper star is simpler than it looks. Made from 1/8 inch strips of card stock the trick is how the star is woven together. While it looks very complicated it really isn't.

Cut 6 strips of 1/8 inch card stock 7 inches long and 6 strips of 1/8 inch card stock 6 1/4 inches long.

You are going to make a front and a back to the star. The front will start with two 7 inch strips laid across each other and two 6 1/4 inch strips laid across each other. You can glue these strips together but I use clear tape because I am too impatient to wait for the glue to dry.

On the 7 inch cross weave a 6 1/4 inch strip on each side and with the 6 1/4 inch cross weave 7 inch strips on each side. 

Again I taped the strips to each other.

Gently pull the strips that are across from each other turning them over and tape to form a point. Do this for each corner on both front and back.

Lay the front and back on top of each other so each curves outward. Put one of them on a diagonal.

You will take the long strips of the front star and tuck them under the points of the back star and tape them down 

Then you will take the long strips of the back star and tuck them under the points of the front star and tape them down.

Cheap Painted Toy Ornaments

Painted small children's toys are a delightful way to fill up a tree. You might have piles of these small toys at home that your children no longer play with but if you don't you can often buy bags of small toys from the thrift shops for pennies. 

Dollar stores also have small plastic toy that you can use.

While I chose to spray them in silver you could do it in gold or white as well depending on the effect you want on your tree. (If you really want to go crazy then chose a vibrant color, you can always spray over it latter if you want.) Make sure the paint that you use will adhere to plastic.

I use clear thread to wrap around the ornaments after they have dried to hang them in the tree. 

Sparkly Pine Cone Ornaments

Pine cones and Christmas just go together and this pine cone ornament was dusted with the large flake snow that you can use around your Christmas displays.

Simply brush on white glue and dust with the fake snow. It is much chunkier than glitter and much less expensive. I added a silver bow and ornament string that was glued on.

These ornaments look lovely on a tree but are simple and inexpensive to make.

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