Making Witch Ball Terrariums

Making Witch Ball terrariums for a very upscale florist was what I use to do many years ago. They are very easy to make and take care of. The hardest part might be finding a round glass to make them in. 

We use to use clear light globes that were meant for light fixtures and you can still find these at some thrift stores and The Restore. If you can not find  a round glass then use a round bowl turned upside down, the top will be a little flat but will still give you the same effect.

Making Witch Ball Terrariums Tutorial

I just happened to find this round bottle at a junk shop and paid $1 for it. I suspect that it use to hold decorative vegetables in oil or something similar. You will also need a base that the globe can sit on.

You  need two pieces of stiff clear plastic that you will be making into sleeves. I used plastic from a box that I bought decorations in but you can find plastic folders from office supply stores that would be good to use.

Roll up the plastic into a tube so it fits snugly inside the mouth of the globe and tape it.

Roll up a second piece of plastic that you can slip inside the first piece and tape it.

The plastic sleeves need to be the exact same height. You are going to be planting your main plant in the smaller sleeve so see how deep the root system is and measure out how high the sleeve needs to be. 

As with any other terrarium  you want a plant that can likes moisture and that will not grow very quickly.

You can remove quite a bit of the soil from the plant. 

You do not want it sitting too high in the globe. Staple both sleeves as tape will eventually fall off in the moisture.

Tape the larger sleeve into the globe, the tape will  be hidden by dirt. Very carefully reach into the globe with soil and lay soil around the base of the globe. It needs to be level with the top of the plastic sleeve so when the plant is put inside it will be hidden.

If you have a very large globe you can plant more foliage in this area.

Place the main plant into the smaller sleeve and place it into the base that has about an inch of soil in it. You will need another pair of hands to gently hold the plant as you lower the globe over it.

The effect of the Witch's Ball is quite beautiful. Make sure that it does not sit in full sunlight through out the day as it will make it sweat and put the water ratio inside off balance. If the plants were moist enough before enclosing them they should be fine for several months if not a year. If you find that they seem to be drying out lift the Witch's ball slightly off the base and pour some water into the base.

Making Witch Ball Terrariums  are a great way to display plants with out all the fuss that most house plants require.

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