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Making Pompom Easter Chicks

Making pompom Easter chicks for Easter.

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Making Pompom Easter Chicks is easier than you think! Easter wouldn't be Easter with out a few adorable chicks to help celebrate the season. 

These oh so cute chicks are quick and easy to make from yarn and look great in Easter baskets or placed on the brunch table beside your place cards. 

These are not suitable for very young children as they are decorative. 

Make a flock of them and have them sitting on the mantel or peeping from behind plants or books.

Making Pompom Easter Chicks The Easy Way

In making pompom Easter chicks you will need yellow yarn, a tiny amount of black yarn and chenille stems. I used yellow acrylic yarn in school bus yellow. I made the pompoms on my fingers.

Cut a piece of yellow yarn about 8 inches long and place it between your second and third finger it will be used as the  tie. Splay your fingers open slightly and wrap the yellow line around your first three fingers 120 times.

Gently remove the yarn from your fingers keeping the tie in the middle. Pull very tight and tie a knot in the middle.

With scissors cut all the loops and fluff out the pompom keeping in mind where the long yarn tie is.

Trim the pom pom so it is round.

Find the center of the pompom and hold it between your thumb and first finger so you can feel the hole between your fingers.

At the top third of the pompom on either side cut an angle. The top third will be the head and the bottoms two thirds will be the body.

Trim the bottom into a rounded shape to make the body. Trim the top into a rounded shape to make the head.

Cut a curve at the front of the body on either side to form wings. Re-trim the area between the wings to make it into a round little belly.

When you are happy with the trimming take a small comb and gently fluff out the yarn to give it a softer look. You don't want to comb too roughly as it might pull the yarn out. See if you need to re-trim the pompom.

Taking a small snipe of black yarn and dip it into glue and roll into a small ball.

With tweezers dip the ball in white glue and set in as eyes. Eyes generally look better if they are wider apart then close together.

With the chenille stems make two feet and one beak. I used red chenille stems just because we liked the contrast of colors, even though orange or black would have been more appropriate for chicks. 

Dip the end of the beck in white glue and place in the center of the chicks face.

Dip the tops of the feet in white glue and place under the body. See if the chick will stand then let dry.

Making pompom Easter Chicks I found out that no two ever looked alike and that each one had a distinct personality.

When making these don't be afraid to really trim them to get some good details. As long as you are not pulling on the yarn or cut through the central yarn tie they will stay together.

Make a happy little flock of these to share your Easter with!

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