Making Chinese Lanterns

Making Chinese Lanterns is a fun way to decorate especially for Chinese New Year! I have vases in my dining room that I fill with branches and hang these lanterns on it. For our Chinese New Year Celebration I love to decorate the table with red and black.

Making Chinese Lanterns Tutorial


Black paper 2 5/8th x 6 1/8th inches

Red Ribbon or paper  2 3/8th x 6 1/8th inches

2 1/2 inch wide Gold Ribbon 6 1/2 inches

One inch of 3 inch fringe.

Glue the red ribbon onto the black paper, I use a glue stick as I find that works well.

Roll into tube and glue, use paper clips to hold it in place until it dries.

Fold gold ribbon lengthwise and make cuts in the ribbon about 1/4 inch apart without cutting to the edge of the ribbon.

Using paper clips to hold the ribbon in place add the gold ribbon so a small section of the red paper shows above it.

Wrap the gold ribbon around the tube and staple it together.

Cut 1 inch from a 3 inch red fringe.

Roll the edge to you have a tassle. Cut a small piece of gold or red ribbon or paper to wrap around the top of the tassle.

Taking a needle punch a hole through the tassle top and draw through a 6 1/2 inch gold thread.

With a small hole punch or a needle make two holes on opposite sides of the lantern.

Cut two pieces of red or gold thread 5 1/2 inches long and tie them together at the top. You could cut one piece of thread 10 inches long but I liked the look of the knot.

From the outside thread the red thread through the top of the lantern on both sides. Tie the gold thread to the red thread on both sides and drop the tassle down the lantern. You might have to adjust the tassle so it hangs in the middle.

The finished lanterns look great hanging on the branches. I have a large lantern that I brought back from China. With my blue and white ware (some from China some just from sales) the blue dining room looks great.

If you are planning to make many of these it will go quicker if you do them assembly line. If you are planning to keep them year to year then store them in a box so they don't get crushed. I have a clear plastic box that I use so I can spot them easily.

These also make great little party favors is you are hosting a Chineses New Year Party!

Making Chinese Lanterns.

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