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Making a Twig Wreath

Making a Twig Wreath is easy and with the change of the seasons it can be a great gift. 

Why buy a wreath form when you can easily make this on a wire hanger.  Twigs are bundled up using florist wire and attached, bundle on top of bundle, with florist wire as well. 

While I used twigs from a trimmed bush you can look around and see if there is some other dried materials you can use.  I added pressed maple leaves, dried Queen Ann's Lace and dried Golden Rod to give it colour and texture. You could completely change the look of this by changing the flowers to dried dark purple and light purple statice. See what you have in your garden and work with it.  Instruction below.

Making a Twig Wreath Tutorial

If this is going to be hung outside make sure that it is in a protected area as a sever wind could damage it.

In making a twig wreath use a regular wire hanger to make the form. Wearing a pair of protective gloves with a pair of wire snips cut off the hook and bent down the twisted end. Be very careful if your wire snips leaves the end sharp so you don't cut or poke yourself. Pull the hanger into a round shape.

I had a bush in the backyard that I cut back and cutting the ends of the branches I snipped several 5 inch sections of twigs which I bundled together using florist wire. I made about 30 of these small bundles.

Lay one bundle on the top center of the clothes hanger form and again with florist wire tightly wrapped the bundle to the clothes hanger. The next bundle is wrapped on slightly to the right of the first one and the third bundle is wrapped on slightly to the left of the second one. This way you are covering the wire of each previous bundle. Point the bunches to the outside of the form and do this all around the frame. The last few might be a bit tricky to squeeze in. 

Use white glue to glue the dried leaves and flowers on to the wreath. Put several dabs of glue near the base of the leaf or flower and gently push it into the twigs. Looking at the photo you can see I glued several leaves to the top to make it look like a bow. Leave the leaves and flowers to dry over night and give it a gentle shake the following day to make sure they are all secure. I did add some more glue to a few leaves from the back of the wreath.

The finished wreath has a rustic look to it which would be suitable for almost all settings. It can be either hung on a hook or string a line of clear thread to the back of the wire form and attach the thread to the top of the door.

This very simple and every inexpensive wreath would be a great gift to give in the fall.