Make Socks Organizer from Bristol Board

How to make a socks organizer from Bristol board

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Make socks organizer from Bristol Board is a cheap and easy way to organize your drawers.

Organizers can be extraordinarily expensive especially if you have them custom made and while I love the idea of being uber organized I am not willing to pay oodles of money for it.

I designed this organized to be made out of 4 sheets of Bristol board costing $2 plus tax.

It does take a little bit of time to make but I think the effort is worth it.

With the basics of how it's made you can customize one to fit your own space.

How to Make Socks Organizer from Bristol Board

As I am using Bristol board the largest size organizer you can make is 28 inches by 28 inches as that is the length of a piece Bristol board (or you will have to start gluing pieces together which I have never tried to do so I don't know how well that would work.)

You need to make a plan of how big you want your organizer to be and what size you want the cubbies to be.

When you make a socks organizer from Bristol board I found for women's and men's dress socks a cubby of 2 -1/2 inches by 2 -1/2 inches was a good size but for men's casual socks and sports socks and women's athletic socks the cubby should be bigger, and I made them 2 -1/2 by 4 inches.

For delicate panties cubbies 2 -1/2 inches by 2 -1/2 inches are good but you need to make them bigger for shape wear panties and for men's briefs. Test the articles you are making the organizer for to see what sizes would be good for you

Remove the drawer and measure the inside and draw this out on a piece of paper.

Subtract 1/2 inch from each side as you will be starting your first strip 1/2 inch in to give the whole structure some stability. Play around a bit about the sizes you want the cubbies to be. You will be drawing out a grid.

My pattern is simply 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 cubbies across with one line of 2 /12 by 4 inch cubbies at the end. Count out how many strips you need to cut, here, it is  8 across and 7 deep for a total 15 strips.

A piece of Bristol board is 28 inches by 22 inches.

You can cut 4 strips of 7 inches lengthwise. These strips you will fold in half so you will have 3 1/2 inch wide folded strips.

You fold them in half by scoring them down the middle of the 7 inch strip with a dull edged knife or letter opener ( be sensible, do not use anything sharp and protect the table surface that you are working on so you do not damage it).

So not press so hard that you score through the Bristol board as the fold is at the top.

You want to be as neat and precise as you can when folding these strips because if they are wonky your finished organizer will not be as square as you like.

Count out the strips you need for the deep side and cut to fit and put aside.

Take the rest of the strips and cut to fit the across side. Set out the strips with the folded side to the top. You are going to mark with arrows where you are making the notches on these strips. Mark down on one pile and up on the other

All the strips need the first notch cut in them 1/2 an inch from the edge. I made a small strip of cereal card this measurement and used that to mark them. 

The notches will be just a bit more than half way up on each strip so when the deep and across strips are joined together they will fit snug.

Since my cubbies were 2 -1/2 inches across and deep except for the last one I made another piece of cereal card this size and measured with that. Remember that the notches will be cut down on one set of strips and up on the other with the folded end on the top of both strips

Assemble the organizer by sliding together the outside pieces.

Make Socks Organizer from Bristol Board

Set in all the rest of the cross strips.

To set the final strips you will flip it over. 

Take you time putting in these strips so you don't bend anything. Some time is can be a bit finicky.

Remember when you make socks organizer from Bristol board that  while surprisingly sturdy it will not keep it's shape if you spill liquids on it or if you are too rough with it.

Place the finished organizer in your drawer and volia!

You are ready to pop in your socks, briefs or underwear and have a fabulously organized drawer that cost you only a few dollars to make.

To make socks organizer from Bristol board is a handy thing to know and you will find that you will be making organizers for sort of other items that you own.

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